List of All Project Zomboid, Hydrocraft Mod and ORMtnMan's Real Gun Mod (ORGM) Recipes / Crafts

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Recipe NameRecipe CreatesCategoryModVersion↑Must Learn from Book
Make Rose Gold Ingot1 x Rose Gold IngotSmithingHydrocraft10.0Alloys Textbook
Smoke Meat1 x Smoked VenisonCookingHydrocraft10.0Smoking Cookbook
Make Thresher1 x ThresherCarpentryHydrocraft10.0false
Play With1 x BricktoysLeisureHydrocraft10.0false
Label Empty Bottle With Homemade Ether Label1 x Empty Homemade Ether BottleAlchemyHydrocraft10.0false
Remove Saw1 x Multitool SawEngineerHydrocraft10.0false
Dry Hide1 x Dried Sheep HideSurvivalistHydrocraft10.0Hunting Textbook
Butcher Carcass1 x Black Bear SkeletonSurvivalistHydrocraft10.0Butcher's Cookbook
Fill Empty Soap Can With Oil1 x Liquid Soap Can With OilAlchemyHydrocraft10.0false
Put Cork with Hole on Test Tube1 x Glass Test Tube with Cork with HoleAlchemyHydrocraft10.0false
Prepare Jarred Lemons1 x Pot of LemonsCookingHydrocraft10.0false
Make Helmet1 x Iron HelmetArmorHydrocraft10.0false
Feed Sheep1 x Sheep (Male)RanchingHydrocraft10.0false
Open Packet of Watermelon Seeds50 x Watermelon SeedsFarmingHydrocraft10.0false
Make Wild Garlic Poultice1 x Wild Garlic PoulticeHealthHydrocraft10.0false
Make Ring4 x Iron RingSmithingHydrocraft10.0Pottery Textbook
Cut Gem1 x Cut Smokey Quartz CrystalJewelryHydrocraft10.0Gem Cutting Textbook
Distill Creosote Oil1 x Wooden Bucket with Creosote OilFirecraftHydrocraft10.0Coal Working Textbook
Attach Bags to Dog1 x Pack Husky (Female)RanchingHydrocraft10.0false
Make Silk Thread1 x Silk ThreadWeavingHydrocraft10.0false
Make Thermitebomb MK21 x Thermite Bomb MK2 OffEngineerHydrocraft10.0false
Fill Empty Plastic Can With Insecticide1 x Plastic Can With InsecticideAlchemyHydrocraft10.0false
Water Crop1 x Small Potted Jute PlantFarmingHydrocraft10.0false
Anchor Mine1 x Mine Hole with PullyAnchorHydrocraft10.0false
Make Potato Pancakes1 x Potato PancakesCookingHydrocraft10.0false
Remove Logs from Stack5 x LogCarpentryHydrocraft10.0false
Purify Water1 x Water Tower with WaterHealthHydrocraft10.0false
Play With1 x Rag DollLeisureHydrocraft10.0false
Remove Battery1 x Small Homemade FlashlightElectricalHydrocraft10.0false
Make Burrito Grande1 x Uncooked Burrito GrandeCookingHydrocraft10.0Mexican Cookbook
Make Gravel1 x Gravel BagStoneworkingHydrocraft10.0Stoneworking Textbook
Make Label For Hydrogen Peroxide1 x Hydrogen Peroxide LabelAlchemyHydrocraft10.0false
Make Bottle of Juice1 x Carrot JuiceCookingHydrocraft10.0Juicing Cookbook
Make Wicker Basket1 x Wicker BasketWeavingHydrocraft10.0Wicker Basket Tablet
Slice Apple4 x Sliced AppleCookingHydrocraft10.0false
Feed Beehive1 x Beekeeper HatFarmingHydrocraft10.0Apiculture Textbook
Stitch Cooking Apron1 x Cooking ApronWeavingHydrocraft10.0Tailoring Textbook
Kill Animal1 x Dead Scaup DuckSurvivalistHydrocraft10.0Hunting Textbook
Open Packet of Poppy Seeds50 x Poppy SeedsFarmingHydrocraft10.0false
Weld Weight Bench1 x Weight BenchWeldingHydrocraft10.0false
Add Flag1 x Canadian Flag on PoleLeisureHydrocraft10.0false
Fill Chemical Bottle With Sodium Hydroxide Powder1 x Sodium Hydroxide SoultionAlchemyHydrocraft10.0false
Make Circut Chip1 x Circut ChipElectricalHydrocraft10.0Electrical Engineering Textbook
Make Steel Spiked Mace1 x Steel Spiked MaceSmithingHydrocraft10.0false
Fill Empty Insecticide Can With Copper Sulfate Solution1 x Insecticide Can With Copper Sulfate SolutionAlchemyHydrocraft10.0false
Water Crop1 x Potted LeekFarmingHydrocraft10.0false
Craft Nailed Crude Club1 x Nailed Crude ClubCarpentryHydrocraft10.0false
Read Music1 x Book of Sheet MusicLeisureHydrocraft10.0Music Textbook
Harvest Crop1 x Potted Rubber TreeFarmingHydrocraft10.0Gardening Textbook
Unbox Mothballs100 x MothballsMiscHydrocraft10.0false
Carve Wooden Bowl1 x BowlCarpentryHydrocraft10.0false
Play With1 x Action FigureLeisureHydrocraft10.0false
Open Medical Skeleton Box1 x Cardboard BoxHealthHydrocraft10.0false
Mine1 x PentlanditeStoneworkingHydrocraft10.0Geology Textbook
Make Limed Hide1 x Limed Muskrat HideWeavingHydrocraft10.0Leather Working Textbook
Make Bottle of Juice1 x Wild Berry JuiceCookingHydrocraft10.0Juicing Cookbook
Make Bioplastic4 x BioplasticAlchemyHydrocraft10.0Organic Chemistry Textbook
Prepare Strawberry Jam1 x Pot of Strawberry JamCookingHydrocraft10.0false
Make Armor1 x Iron ArmorArmorHydrocraft10.0false
Make Sterling Silver Spoon1 x HammerSmithingHydrocraft10.0Silver Working Textbook
Make Pulley1 x Iron PulleyEngineerHydrocraft10.0Welding Textbook
Put Zucchini Seeds in Packet1 x Zucchini Seeds PacketFarmingHydrocraft10.0false
Make Herbal Tea1 x Camomile TeaCookingHydrocraft10.0Herbalism Textbook
Mix Daquiri1 x Daquiri DrinkCookingHydrocraft10.0false
Make Titanium Powder2 x Titanium PowderAlchemyHydrocraft10.0Titanium Working Textbook
Put Methylamin In Beaker1 x Beaker With MethylaminHealthHydrocraft10.0false
Make Small Clay Jar1 x Small Clay JarPotteryHydrocraft10.0Pottery Textbook
Plant Crop1 x Small Potted Shiitake MushroomsFarmingHydrocraft10.0Gardening Textbook
Make Crossbow1 x CrossbowEngineerHydrocraft10.0Archery Textbook
Make Steel Short Sword1 x Steel Short SwordSmithingHydrocraft10.0false
Extract Yellow Pigment1 x Yellow PigmentAlchemyHydrocraft10.0false
Water Crop1 x Potted Tomatillo PlantFarmingHydrocraft10.0false
Write Suicide Note1 x Suicide NoteDeathHydrocraft10.0false
Fill Smoker1 x Smoker with FuelEngineerHydrocraft10.0Smoking Cookbook
Make Wooden Pallet1 x Wooden PalletCarpentryHydrocraft10.0false
Play Chess1 x Black Chess PiecesLeisureHydrocraft10.0false
Take Blood from Rabbit1 x Syringe with Rabbit BloodHealthHydrocraft10.0Veterinary Medicine Textbook
Remove Drill Head1 x Drill HeadEngineerHydrocraft10.0false
Dry Fur1 x Dried FurSurvivalistHydrocraft10.0Hunting Textbook
Butcher Carcass1 x Pig SkeletonSurvivalistHydrocraft10.0Butcher's Cookbook
Make Fishing Net Blueprint1 x Fishing Net BlueprintResearchHydrocraft10.0false
Make Tasty Marinade1 x Tasty MarinadeCookingHydrocraft10.0Jerky Cookbook
Fill Empty Metal Barrel With Gasoline1 x Metal Barrel with GasolineAlchemyHydrocraft10.0false
Make Sheet Of Metal1 x Bronze SheetSmithingHydrocraft10.0false
Unroll Paper Towels100 x Paper TowelMiscHydrocraft10.0false
Open Packet of Apple Seeds50 x Apple SeedsFarmingHydrocraft10.0false
Open Gift1 x Cardboard BoxLeisureHydrocraft10.0false
Empty Baking Tray With Chirstmas Cookies1 x Baking TrayCookingHydrocraft10.0false
Attach Saddle to Horse1 x Horse with Saddle (Female)RanchingHydrocraft10.0false
Light Oil Lamp1 x Oil LampFirecraftHydrocraft10.0false
Remove Connector from Large Glass Balloon1 x Glass ConnectorAlchemyHydrocraft10.0false
Recycle Pillow10 x White FeatherEngineerHydrocraft10.0false
Process Cotton1 x CottonWeavingHydrocraft10.0false
Make Detonator MK31 x Detonator MK3 OffElectricalHydrocraft10.0Anarchist Cookbook
Fill Empty Plastic Can With Biodiesel1 x Plastic Can With BiodieselAlchemyHydrocraft10.0false
Water Crop1 x Small Potted Hemp PlantFarmingHydrocraft10.0false
Make Copper Cooler1 x Copper CoolerEngineerHydrocraft10.0Distillation Textbook
Slice Pumpkin8 x Pumpkin FleshCookingHydrocraft10.0false
Make Cream Cheese Culture1 x Cream Cheese CultureCookingHydrocraft10.0Cheese Making Cookbook
Exchange 1 Dollar for 1 Dollar Bill1 x 1 Dollar BillTradeHydrocraft10.0false
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Updated to PZ Version 40.34 - Hydrocraft Version 10.5b - ORGM Version Rechambered 3.09.1
Created by Nolan Ritchie
Styling by Steven Wilson