List of All Project Zomboid, Hydrocraft Mod and ORMtnMan's Real Gun Mod (ORGM) Recipes / Crafts

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Recipe NameRecipe CreatesCategoryModVersion↑Must Learn from Book
Put Prickly Pear Seeds in Packet1 x Prickly Pear Seeds PacketFarmingHydrocraft10.0false
Break Bottle1 x Broken BottleSurvivalistHydrocraft10.0false
Add Flag1 x German Flag on PoleLeisureHydrocraft10.0false
Mix Calcium Oxide With Water1 x Beaker With Calcium Oxide And WaterAlchemyHydrocraft10.0false
Plant Crop1 x Small Potted ColewortFarmingHydrocraft10.0Gardening Textbook
Loot Electronic Parts1 x Empty Circuitboard PiecesElectricalHydrocraft10.0Backyard Electronics Vol 1
Make Iron Spiked Flail1 x Iron Spiked FlailSmithingHydrocraft10.0false
Fill Empty Insecticide Can With Milk Of Lime1 x Insecticide Can With Milk of LimeAlchemyHydrocraft10.0false
Craft Crude Club with Hedge Cutter Blade1 x Crude Club with Hedge Cutter BladeCarpentryHydrocraft10.0false
Put CD in Case1 x CD Case with CDLeisureHydrocraft10.0false
Remove Crop1 x Clay Flowerpot with DirtFarmingHydrocraft10.0false
Wash Shoes1 x ShoesWeavingHydrocraft10.0false
Refill Salt Shaker1 x SaltCookingHydrocraft10.0false
Add Oxen to Wagon1 x Wagon with OxenCarpentryHydrocraft10.0false
Play With1 x Toy Army ManLeisureHydrocraft10.0false
Add Herbal Medicine1 x Bandage with Herbal MedicineHealthHydrocraft10.0Herbalism Textbook
Attach Straw to Small Animal Armature1 x Straw Small AnimalArmatureLeisureHydrocraft10.0Taxidermy Textbook
Make Limed Hide1 x Limed Opossum HideWeavingHydrocraft10.0Leather Working Textbook
Make Bottle of Juice1 x Lemon JuiceCookingHydrocraft10.0Juicing Cookbook
Make Beaker of Nitric Acid1 x Beaker With Nitric AcidAlchemyHydrocraft10.0?
Make Jar of Blackberry Jam2 x Jar of Blackberry JamCookingHydrocraft10.0false
Make Armor1 x Hardened Leather ArmorArmorHydrocraft10.0false
Make Iron Muffin Pan1 x Muffin PanSmithingHydrocraft10.0false
Make Giant Magnet1 x Giant MagnetEngineerHydrocraft10.0Pottery Textbook
Open Packet of Cucumber Seeds50 x Cucumber SeedsFarmingHydrocraft10.0false
Make Herbal Tea1 x Thistle TeaCookingHydrocraft10.0Herbalism Textbook
Mix Tom Collins1 x Tom Collins DrinkCookingHydrocraft10.0false
Make Lapis Lazuli Powder1 x Lapis Lazuli PowderAlchemyHydrocraft10.0Gem Cutting Textbook
Plant Crop1 x Small Potted CarrotsFarmingHydrocraft10.0Gardening Textbook
Remove Morphinhydrochlorid Solution From Beaker1 x Beaker With Morphinhydrochlorid SolutionHealthHydrocraft10.0false
Make Large Clay Urn1 x Large Clay UrnPotteryHydrocraft10.0Pottery Textbook
Unbox BBs100 x BBsMiscHydrocraft10.0false
Make Iron Long Sword1 x Iron Long SwordSmithingHydrocraft10.0false
Mix Can of Red Paint1 x Red PaintAlchemyHydrocraft10.0false
Water Crop1 x Small Potted Shiitake MushroomsFarmingHydrocraft10.0false
Stab Yourself1 x Suicide NoteDeathHydrocraft10.0Suicide Note
Smoke Meat1 x Smoked BeefCookingHydrocraft10.0Smoking Cookbook
Pack Pallet of Logs1 x Pallet of LogsCarpentryHydrocraft10.0false
Play Wiffle Ball1 x Wiffle BallLeisureHydrocraft10.0false
Inject Yourself with Human Blood1 x SyringeHealthHydrocraft10.0Injection Research
Insert Battery1 x Mining Chisel with PowerElectricalHydrocraft10.0false
Dry Hide1 x Dried Nutria HideSurvivalistHydrocraft10.0Hunting Textbook
Butcher Carcass5 x Black FeatherSurvivalistHydrocraft10.0Butcher's Cookbook
Make Cage Trap Blueprint1 x Cage Trap BlueprintResearchHydrocraft10.0false
Unbox Rubber Bungs20 x Rubber BungAlchemyHydrocraft10.0false
Make Aluminum Jar Lid8 x Jar LidSmithingHydrocraft10.0false
Remove Baskets to Bicycle1 x BicycleEngineerHydrocraft10.0?
Make Sheet Of Metal1 x Titanium SheetSmithingHydrocraft10.0false
Put Blueberry Seeds in Packet1 x Blueberry Seeds PacketFarmingHydrocraft10.0false
Lite Jack-O-Lantern1 x Lit White Jack-O-LanternLeisureHydrocraft10.0false
Make Homemade Cooking Oil4 x Jar of Cooking OilCookingHydrocraft10.0false
Add Horses to Covered Wagon1 x Covered Wagon with HorsesCarpentryHydrocraft10.0false
Create Glassware1 x ThermometerGlassworkingHydrocraft10.0Glass Working Textbook
Fill Mug With Tar1 x Mug of TarFirecraftHydrocraft10.0false
Make Mercuric Oxide1 x Beaker With Mercuric OxideAlchemyHydrocraft10.0Chemistry Textbook
Recycle Bronze1 x Bronze IngotSmithingHydrocraft10.0Bronze Working Textbook
Make Linen Cloth1 x Linen ClothWeavingHydrocraft10.0false
Turn Detonator MK2 On1 x Detonator MK2 OnEngineerHydrocraft10.0false
Fill Empty Labeled Can With Hydrogen Peroxide1 x Hydrogen PeroxideAlchemyHydrocraft10.0false
Water Crop1 x Potted Chinese CabbageFarmingHydrocraft10.0false
Fill Barrel with Potato Mash1 x Barrel of Potato MashCookingHydrocraft10.0false
Put Lid on Large Tupperware Container1 x Large Tupperware ContainerMiscHydrocraft10.0false
Use Centrifiuge1 x Magnesium PowderAlchemyHydrocraft10.0Chemistry Textbook
Exchange 1 Five Dollar Bill for 5 Dollar Bills5 x 1 Dollar BillTradeHydrocraft10.0false
Make Iron Ingot1 x Iron IngotSmithingHydrocraft10.0Iron Working Textbook
Play With1 x Toy UnicornLeisureHydrocraft10.0false
Ignite Road Flare1 x Road FlareMiscHydrocraft10.0false
Make Corn on the Cob1 x Corn On the CobCookingHydrocraft10.0false
Label Empty Bottle With Methylamin Label1 x Empty Methylamin BottleAlchemyHydrocraft10.0false
Make War Dog Armor1 x War Dog ArmorWeavingHydrocraft10.0Armor Crafting Textbook
Make Bottle of Juice1 x Orange JuiceCookingHydrocraft10.0Juicing Cookbook
Box Tampons1 x Box of TamponsMiscHydrocraft10.0false
Fill Empty Soap Can With Honey1 x Liquid Soap Can With HoneyCookingHydrocraft10.0false
Make Shield1 x Steel ShieldArmorHydrocraft10.0false
Put Pins in Pin Cushion1 x Pin Cushion with PinsMiscHydrocraft10.0false
Anchor Arc Furnace1 x Arc FurnaceAnchorHydrocraft10.0false
Make Jelly Sandwich1 x Jelly SandwichCookingHydrocraft10.0false
Make Bamboo Gutter1 x Bamboo GutterCarpentryHydrocraft10.0false
Make Carpet1 x Blue CarpetWeavingHydrocraft10.0false
Make 9mm Bullets1 x Box of 9mm BulletsEngineerHydrocraft10.0false
Harvest Crop1 x Wooden Bucket with RubberFarmingHydrocraft10.0Gardening Textbook
Craft Toothbrush Shiv1 x Toothbrush ShivEngineerHydrocraft10.0false
Make Spindle Head1 x Spindle HeadPotteryHydrocraft10.0?
Water Crop1 x Small Potted BroccoliFarmingHydrocraft10.0false
Remove Armor from Wardog1 x Injured Pitbull (Male)RanchingHydrocraft10.0Armor Crafting Textbook
Refill Staple Gun1 x Staple GunMiscHydrocraft10.0false
Harvest Crop1 x Potted Apple TreeFarmingHydrocraft10.0Gardening Textbook
Harvest Spirulina Composter5 x CompostFarmingHydrocraft10.0Spirulina Composter Blueprint
Make Iron Battleaxe1 x Iron BattleaxeSmithingHydrocraft10.0false
Play With1 x SoccerBallLeisureHydrocraft10.0false
Soak in Potassium Permanganate1 x Rag Doused in Potassium PermanganateHealthHydrocraft10.0Medical Textbook
Make Apple Pie1 x Uncooked Apple PieCookingHydrocraft10.0false
Purify Water1 x Small Tupperware Container with WaterHealthHydrocraft10.0false
Stitch Fur Coat1 x Fur CoatWeavingHydrocraft10.0Tailoring Textbook
Make Bottle of Juice1 x Carrot JuiceCookingHydrocraft10.0Juicing Cookbook
Build Biogas Collector1 x Biogas TankEngineerHydrocraft10.0Organic Chemistry Textbook
Anchor Oil Press1 x Oil PressAnchorHydrocraft10.0false
Make Arm Guards1 x Leather Arm GuardsArmorHydrocraft10.0false
Make Metal Ring1 x Steel RingSmithingHydrocraft10.0Steel Working Textbook
Anchor Smelter1 x Steam HammerAnchorHydrocraft10.0false
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Updated to PZ Version 42.1 - Hydrocraft Version 10.0 - ORGM Version Rechambered 3.07
Created by Nolan Ritchie
Styling by Steven Wilson