List of All Project Zomboid, Hydrocraft Mod and ORMtnMan's Real Gun Mod (ORGM) Recipes / Crafts

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Recipe NameRecipe CreatesCategoryModVersion↑Must Learn from Book
Make Invar Ingot1 x Invar IngotSmithingHydrocraft10.0HCBooksalloys
Prepare Boiled Crab1 x Pot of CrabCookingHydrocraft10.0false
Build Water Tower1 x Water TowerCarpentryHydrocraft10.0Plumbing Textbook
Exchange 1 Dollar for 1 Dollar Bill1 x 1 Dollar BillTradeHydrocraft10.0false
Make Enchilada1 x Uncooked EnchiladasCookingHydrocraft10.0Mexican Cookbook
Harvest Bones2 x BoneSurvivalistHydrocraft10.0Boneworking Textbook
Play With1 x Toy StegosaurusLeisureHydrocraft10.0false
Cut Dry Fur4 x Dried FurWeavingHydrocraft10.0Hunting Textbook
Unpack Pallet of Copper Pipes12 x Copper PipeMiscHydrocraft10.0false
Remove Clamp from Ring Stand1 x Utility ClampAlchemyHydrocraft10.0false
Make Jar of Lime Curd2 x Jar of Lime CurdCookingHydrocraft10.0false
Make Arm Guards1 x Steel Arm GuardsArmorHydrocraft10.0false
Kill Animal1 x Dead MuskratSurvivalistHydrocraft10.0Hunting Textbook
Make Homemade Yogurt1 x Homemade Grape YogurtCookingHydrocraft10.0?
Breed Rabbits1 x Hutch with Tired RabbitsRanchingHydrocraft10.0Animal Husbandry Textbook
Put Leek Seeds in Packet1 x Leek Seeds PacketFarmingHydrocraft10.0false
Set Gem in Ring1 x Silver Ring with DiamondJewelryHydrocraft10.0Jewelry Crafting Textbook
Cut Gem1 x Cut RhodoniteJewelryHydrocraft10.0Gem Cutting Textbook
Build Trellis Kit1 x Trellis KitFarmingHydrocraft10.0Better Shelters and Farms
Make Burlap Cloth1 x Burlap ClothWeavingHydrocraft10.0false
Craft Crude Bat with Hedge Trimmer Blade1 x Crude Bat with Hedge Trimmer BladeCarpentryHydrocraft10.0false
Water Crop1 x Potted PotatoFarmingHydrocraft10.0false
Remove Bags from Dog1 x Great Dane (Male)RanchingHydrocraft10.0false
Open Cat Food1 x HCCatfoodOpenCookingHydrocraft10.0false
Mine Stone1 x StoneStoneworkingHydrocraft10.0Geology Textbook
Cook Pot of Chili1 x Pot of ChiliCookingHydrocraft10.0false
Make Plank Barrier1 x Plank BarrierCarpentryHydrocraft10.0false
Make Steel Hatchet1 x Steel HatchetSmithingHydrocraft10.0false
Pickle Vegetables1 x Jar of Pickled Green OnionsCookingHydrocraft10.0Pickling Cookbook
Purify Water1 x Birch Bark Cup with WaterHealthHydrocraft10.0false
Play With1 x Paddle BallLeisureHydrocraft10.0false
Skin Animal1 x Fox CarcassSurvivalistHydrocraft10.0Skin Animal Tablet
Make Mortar1 x MortarMasonryHydrocraft10.0Masonry Textbook
Label Empty Blue Barrel With Ammonia Label1 x Blue Empty Ammonia BarrelAlchemyHydrocraft10.0false
Make Bottle of Juice1 x Wild Berry JuiceCookingHydrocraft10.0Juicing Cookbook
Construct Brick Pillar1 x Brick PillarMasonryHydrocraft10.0Masonry Textbook
Make Tombstone1 x TombstoneStoneworkingHydrocraft10.0Stoneworking Textbook
Make Electrum Wire1 x Electric WireSmithingHydrocraft10.0Wire Textbook
Store Dried Fruit in Bag1 x Bag of Dried Orange SlicesCookingHydrocraft10.0Dried Fruit Cookbook
Make Beekeeper Hat1 x Beekeeper HatFarmingHydrocraft10.0Apiculture Textbook
Make Bag1 x Climbing PackWeavingHydrocraft10.0Tailoring Textbook
Make Azurite Powder2 x Azurite PowderAlchemyHydrocraft10.0Gem Cutting Textbook
Put Rice Seeds in Packet1 x Rice PacketFarmingHydrocraft10.0false
Create Glassware1 x Glass Conical FlaskGlassworkingHydrocraft10.0Glass Working Textbook
Make Lure1 x Feather LureFishingHydrocraft10.0Fish Fieldguide
Upgrade Detonator MK3 To MK3 with HMTD1 x Detonator MK3 with HMTD OffElectricalHydrocraft10.0false
Plant Crop1 x Small Potted ArtichokesFarmingHydrocraft10.0Gardening Textbook
Recycle Colored Wire1 x Copper CableElectricalHydrocraft10.0false
Fill Empty Insecticide Can With Nickelsulfate Solution1 x Insecticide Can With Nickel Sulfate SolutionAlchemyHydrocraft10.0false
Prepare Pot of Honey Brew1 x Pot of Honey BrewCookingHydrocraft10.0Viticulture Textbook
Play Music1 x UkuleleLeisureHydrocraft10.0Music Textbook
Make Marble Pedestal1 x Marble PedestalStoneworkingHydrocraft10.0Sculpting Textbook
Harvest Cheese Curds16 x Cheese CurdCookingHydrocraft10.0Cheese Making Cookbook
Make Bottle of Homemade Disinfectant1 x Bottle of Homemade DisinfectantHealthHydrocraft10.0false
Salt Meat1 x Salted PorkCookingHydrocraft10.0Salting Meat Cookbook
Upgrade IBC Storage1 x Empty IBC TowerCarpentryHydrocraft10.0false
Buy Down Jacket1 x Down JacketTradeHydrocraft10.0false
Make Limed Hide1 x Limed Grizzly Bear HideWeavingHydrocraft10.0Leather Working Textbook
Make Bottle of Juice1 x Pineapple JuiceCookingHydrocraft10.0Juicing Cookbook
Make Beaker of Potassium Permanganate1 x Beaker With Potassium PermanganateAlchemyHydrocraft10.0Chemistry Textbook
Build Vein1 x Pentlandite VeinTerrainHydrocraft10.0false
Fill Small Junkyard1 x Small Full JunkyardEngineerHydrocraft10.0false
Make Jar of Cranberry Jam2 x Jar of Cranberry JamCookingHydrocraft10.0false
Make Armor1 x Log ArmorArmorHydrocraft10.0false
Make Oil Lamp1 x Oil LampSmithingHydrocraft10.0Bronze Working Textbook
Make Charcoal Powder1 x Charcoal PowderAlchemyHydrocraft10.0Chemistry Textbook
Open Packet of Green Onion Seeds50 x Green Onion SeedsFarmingHydrocraft10.0false
Make Herbal Tea1 x Daisy TeaCookingHydrocraft10.0Herbalism Textbook
Remove Mezcal Worm from Bottle1 x Mezcal WormCookingHydrocraft10.0false
Make Napalm1 x Pot with NapalmAlchemyHydrocraft10.0false
Plant Crop1 x Small Potted Pea PlantFarmingHydrocraft10.0Gardening Textbook
Put Phenylacetic Acid In Beaker1 x Beaker With Phenylacetic AcidHealthHydrocraft10.0false
Make Screw Mold1 x Screw MoldPotteryHydrocraft10.0Pottery Textbook
Mix Can of Turquoise Paint1 x Turquoise PaintAlchemyHydrocraft10.0false
Water Crop1 x Small Potted Rubber TreeFarmingHydrocraft10.0false
Unpack Stack of Cardboard Boxes12 x Cardboard BoxMiscHydrocraft10.0false
Make Pewter Ingot1 x Pewter IngotSmithingHydrocraft10.0Bronze Working Textbook
Smoke Meat1 x Smoked Small Bird MeatCookingHydrocraft10.0Smoking Cookbook
Make Coffin1 x Empty CoffinCarpentryHydrocraft10.0false
Set Bear Trap1 x No ResultTrapperHydrocraft10.0Hunting Textbook
Fill Empty Hydrogen Peroxide Bottle With Hydrogen Peroxide1 x Hydrogen PeroxideAlchemyHydrocraft10.0false
Dry Hide1 x Dried Raccoon HideSurvivalistHydrocraft10.0Hunting Textbook
Butcher Carcass1 x Fox SkeletonSurvivalistHydrocraft10.0Butcher's Cookbook
Box Nuts1 x Box of BoltsMiscHydrocraft10.0false
Unbox Glass Elbow Pipes10 x Glass Elbow PipeAlchemyHydrocraft10.0false
Prepare Jarred Peaches1 x Pot of PeachesCookingHydrocraft10.0false
Build Star Chart Board1 x Star Chart BoardCarpentryHydrocraft10.0Astronomy Textbook
Make Large Sheet Of Metal1 x Large Lead SheetSmithingHydrocraft10.0false
Feed Chicken1 x Chicken (Male)RanchingHydrocraft10.0false
Put Orange Seeds in Packet1 x Orange Seeds PacketFarmingHydrocraft10.0false
Harvest Pollen1 x PollenAlchemyHydrocraft10.0Herbalism Textbook
Make Peanutbutter1 x Peanut ButterCookingHydrocraft10.0false
Make Rubber Hose1 x Welding HoseSmithingHydrocraft10.0Rubber Working Textbook
Make Gem Cutter Wheel1 x Gem Cutter WheelJewelryHydrocraft10.0false
Make Tar1 x Wooden Bucket with TarFirecraftHydrocraft10.0false
Craft Flamethrower1 x FlamethrowerEngineerHydrocraft10.0Flamethrower Blueprint
Make Copper Bastard Sword1 x Copper Bastard SwordSmithingHydrocraft10.0false
Fill Empty Plastic Can With Muriatic Acid1 x Plastic Can With Muriatic AcidAlchemyHydrocraft10.0false
Water Crop1 x Potted GarlicFarmingHydrocraft10.0false
Prepare Pot of Apple Mash1 x Pot of Apple MashCookingHydrocraft10.0false
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Updated to PZ Version 42.1 - Hydrocraft Version 10.0 - ORGM Version Rechambered 3.07
Created by Nolan Ritchie
Styling by Steven Wilson