List of All Project Zomboid, Hydrocraft Mod and ORMtnMan's Real Gun Mod (ORGM) Recipes / Crafts

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Recipe NameRecipe CreatesCategoryModVersion↑Must Learn from Book
Make Thin Rope3 x Thin RopeWeavingHydrocraft10.0false
Add Herbal Medicine1 x Bandage with Herbal MedicineHealthHydrocraft10.0Herbalism Textbook
Make Bag1 x SchoolbagWeavingHydrocraft10.0Tailoring Textbook
Make Bottle of Juice1 x Lime JuiceCookingHydrocraft10.0Juicing Cookbook
Make Birch Bark Cup1 x Birch Bark CupSurvivalistHydrocraft10.0false
Make Limed Hide1 x Limed Opossum HideWeavingHydrocraft10.0Leather Working Textbook
Make Lemon Juice1 x Bowl of Lemon JuiceCookingHydrocraft10.0false
Collect New Queen Bee1 x Queen HoneybeeFarmingHydrocraft10.0Apiculture Textbook
Kill Animal1 x Dead Canadian GooseSurvivalistHydrocraft10.0Hunting Textbook
Exercise on Treadmill1 x Gym TowelLeisureHydrocraft10.0false
Add Flag1 x Dutch Flag PoleLeisureHydrocraft10.0false
Make Calcium Oxide4 x Calcium Oxide PowderAlchemyHydrocraft10.0false
Upgrade Detonator MK2 To MK3 with HMTD1 x Detonator MK3 with HMTD OffElectricalHydrocraft10.0false
Open Packet of Cucumber Seeds50 x Cucumber SeedsFarmingHydrocraft10.0false
Craft Homemade Club1 x Homemade ClubCarpentryHydrocraft10.0false
Remove Battery1 x Solder GunElectricalHydrocraft10.0false
Make Large Clay Urn1 x Large Clay UrnPotteryHydrocraft10.0Pottery Textbook
Play With1 x Toy ShipLeisureHydrocraft10.0false
Remove Crop1 x PlanterFarmingHydrocraft10.0false
Wash Clothing in Wash Tub1 x VestWeavingHydrocraft10.0false
Mix Can of Red Paint1 x Red PaintAlchemyHydrocraft10.0false
Craft Medium Animal Armature1 x Wooden Medium Animal ArmatureLeisureHydrocraft10.0Taxidermy Textbook
Make Salt Powder2 x Salt PowderAlchemyHydrocraft10.0Chemistry Textbook
Add Bonnet to Wagon1 x Covered WagonCarpentryHydrocraft10.0false
Inject Yourself with Human Blood1 x SyringeHealthHydrocraft10.0Injection Research
Make Iron Cooking Pot1 x Cooking PotSmithingHydrocraft10.0false
Make Bottle of Juice1 x Grape JuiceCookingHydrocraft10.0Juicing Cookbook
Make Beaker of Nickel Sulfate Solution1 x Beaker With Nickel Sulfate solutionAlchemyHydrocraft10.0?
Dry Hide1 x Dried Nutria HideSurvivalistHydrocraft10.0Hunting Textbook
Prepare Blackbery Jam1 x Pot of Blackberry JamCookingHydrocraft10.0false
Make Armor1 x Studded Leather ArmorArmorHydrocraft10.0false
Make Dissection Table1 x Dissection TableEngineerHydrocraft10.0Welding Textbook
Dry Flower1 x Dried ThistleAlchemyHydrocraft10.0Herbalism Textbook
Mix Cosmopolitan1 x Cosmopolitan DrinkCookingHydrocraft10.0false
Make Lithium Powder2 x Lithium PowderAlchemyHydrocraft10.0Chemistry Textbook
Make Pot With Soap1 x Pot with SoapAlchemyHydrocraft10.0false
Put Blueberry Seeds in Packet1 x Blueberry Seeds PacketFarmingHydrocraft10.0false
Make Copper Long Sword1 x Copper Long SwordSmithingHydrocraft10.0false
Plant Crop1 x Small Potted CabbageFarmingHydrocraft10.0Gardening Textbook
Put Morphinhydrochlorid Solution In Beaker1 x Beaker with Morphine Hydrochlorid SolutionHealthHydrocraft10.0false
Recycle Bronze1 x Bronze IngotSmithingHydrocraft10.0Bronze Working Textbook
Play Bowling1 x Bowling BallLeisureHydrocraft10.0false
Water Crop1 x Potted RiceFarmingHydrocraft10.0false
Shoot Yourself in the Leg1 x Suicide NoteDeathHydrocraft10.0Suicide Note
Fill Empty Labeled Can With Hydrogen Peroxide1 x Hydrogen PeroxideAlchemyHydrocraft10.0false
Attach Chisel Head1 x Mining ChiselEngineerHydrocraft10.0false
Make Wool Cloth1 x Wool ClothWeavingHydrocraft10.0false
Smoke Meat1 x Smoked PorkCookingHydrocraft10.0Smoking Cookbook
Unpack Pallet of Logs3 x Four Logs StackCarpentryHydrocraft10.0false
Make Iron Ingot1 x Iron IngotSmithingHydrocraft10.0Iron Working Textbook
Make Large Sheet Of Metal1 x Large Tin SheetSmithingHydrocraft10.0false
Butcher Carcass1 x Horse SkeletonSurvivalistHydrocraft10.0Butcher's Cookbook
Make Trap Box Blueprint1 x Trap Box BlueprintResearchHydrocraft10.0false
Ignite Road Flare1 x Road FlareMiscHydrocraft10.0false
Remove Lid1 x Empty JarCookingHydrocraft10.0false
Attach Baskets to Bicycle1 x Bicycle with BasketsEngineerHydrocraft10.0Bicycle Repair Manual
Make War Dog Armor1 x War Dog ArmorWeavingHydrocraft10.0Armor Crafting Textbook
Lite Jack-O-Lantern1 x Lit Jack-O-LanternLeisureHydrocraft10.0false
Make Vegetable Oil1 x Wooden Bucket with Vegetable OilCookingHydrocraft10.0false
Add Horses to Covered Wagon1 x Covered Wagon with HorsesCarpentryHydrocraft10.0false
Create Glassware1 x Eye DropperGlassworkingHydrocraft10.0Glass Working Textbook
Make Rice Hull Charcoal1 x Rice Hull CharcoalFirecraftHydrocraft10.0false
Make Muriatic Acid1 x Beaker With Muriatic AcidAlchemyHydrocraft10.0Chemistry Textbook
Harvest Crop1 x Wooden Bucket with RubberFarmingHydrocraft10.0Gardening Textbook
Exchange 1 Ten Dollar Bill for 2 Five Dollar Bills2 x 5 Dollar BillTradeHydrocraft10.0false
Water Crop1 x Small Potted Chinese CabbageFarmingHydrocraft10.0false
Distill Bottle of Vodka20 x VodkaCookingHydrocraft10.0false
Make Spindle Head1 x Spindle HeadPotteryHydrocraft10.0?
Make Pinata1 x PinataLeisureHydrocraft10.0false
Slice Buskin Pumpkin10 x Pumpkin FleshCookingHydrocraft10.0false
Remove Battery1 x CentrifiugeElectricalHydrocraft10.0false
Refill Staple Gun1 x Staple GunMiscHydrocraft10.0false
Fill Empty Soap Can With Lye1 x Liquid Soap Can With LyeAlchemyHydrocraft10.0false
Prepare Lasagna1 x Uncooked LasagnaCookingHydrocraft10.0Pasta Cookbook
Fill Empty Ammonia Bottle With Ammonia1 x AmmoniaAlchemyHydrocraft10.0false
Soak in Potassium Permanganate1 x Rag Doused in Potassium PermanganateHealthHydrocraft10.0Medical Textbook
Hang Clothes1 x Clothes Line with ClothesWeavingHydrocraft10.0false
Craft Rocket Launcher1 x Rocket LauncherEngineerHydrocraft10.0Rocket Launcher Blueprint
Make Bottle of Juice1 x Lemon JuiceCookingHydrocraft10.0Juicing Cookbook
Unbox Menstrual Pads20 x Menstrual PadMiscHydrocraft10.0false
Stitch Fur Coat1 x Fur CoatWeavingHydrocraft10.0Tailoring Textbook
Build Arc Furnace1 x Arc FurnaceEngineerHydrocraft10.0Welding Textbook
Make some Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches2 x Peanut Butter and Jelly SandwichCookingHydrocraft10.0false
Shuck Corn4 x Blue Corn SeedsFarmingHydrocraft10.0Herbalism Textbook
Make Carpet1 x Violet CarpetWeavingHydrocraft10.0false
Make Gunpowder1 x GunpowderAlchemyHydrocraft10.0Explosives Textbook
Turn Detonator MK3 On1 x Detonator MK3 OnEngineerHydrocraft10.0false
Open Packet of White Cabbage Seeds50 x White Cabbage SeedsFarmingHydrocraft10.0false
Make Copper Battleaxe1 x Copper BattleaxeSmithingHydrocraft10.0false
Water Crop1 x Potted Bell PepperFarmingHydrocraft10.0false
Attach Armor to Dog1 x War Pitbull (Female)RanchingHydrocraft10.0Armor Crafting Textbook
Pack Grey Clay1 x Bag of Grey ClayPotteryHydrocraft10.0false
Play With1 x SoftballLeisureHydrocraft10.0false
Water Crop1 x Potted SpinachFarmingHydrocraft10.0false
Build Spirulina Composter1 x Spirulina ComposterFarmingHydrocraft10.0Spirulina Composter Blueprint
Make Paper Screen1 x Paper ScreenWeavingHydrocraft10.0Paper Making Textbook
Construct Grindstone1 x GrindstoneStoneworkingHydrocraft10.0Stoneworking Textbook
Make Pie Crust1 x Pie CrustCookingHydrocraft10.0false
Purify Water1 x Medium Tupperware Container with WaterHealthHydrocraft10.0false
Anchor Iron Anvil1 x Iron AnvilAnchorHydrocraft10.0false
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Updated to PZ Version 42.1 - Hydrocraft Version 10.0 - ORGM Version Rechambered 3.07
Created by Nolan Ritchie
Styling by Steven Wilson