List of All Project Zomboid, Hydrocraft Mod and ORMtnMan's Real Gun Mod (ORGM) Recipes / Crafts

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Recipe NameRecipe CreatesCategoryModVersion↑Must Learn from Book
Make Straw Hat1 x Straw HatWeavingHydrocraft11.1Hatter Textbook
Craft Potato Cannon1 x Potato CannonEngineerHydrocraft11.1Potato Cannon Blueprint
Make Steel Spiked Flail1 x Steel Spiked FlailSmithingHydrocraft11.1false
Make Detonatorcapsule with HMTD1 x Detonator Capsule with HMTDEngineerHydrocraft11.1false
Craft Crude Bat with Hedge Cutter Blade1 x Crude Bat with Hedge Cutter BladeCarpentryHydrocraft11.1false
Craft Makeshift Axe1 x Blunt Makeshift AxeSmithingHydrocraft11.1false
Exchange 1 Dollar Bill for 1 Dollar1 x DollarTradeHydrocraft11.1false
Play Pool1 x Cue BallLeisureHydrocraft11.1false
Pack Dome Tent1 x Dome Tent KitMiscHydrocraft11.1false
Play With1 x VolleyballLeisureHydrocraft11.1false
Put Banana Seeds in Packet1 x Banana Seeds PacketFarmingHydrocraft11.1false
Make Fire Bow Drill1 x Fire Bow DrillSurvivalistHydrocraft11.1false
Put Cucumber Seeds in Packet1 x Cucumber Seeds PacketFarmingHydrocraft11.1false
Spawn Shipping Crate1 x Shipping CrateTerrainHydrocraft11.1false
Put Green Chili Seeds in Packet1 x Green Chili PacketFarmingHydrocraft11.1false
Research Stick Trap1 x Stick Trap TabletResearchHydrocraft11.1false
Put Wheat in Packet1 x Wheat Seeds PacketFarmingHydrocraft11.1false
Recharge Battery1 x 9 Volt BatteryElectricalHydrocraft11.1Popular Machines Vol 1
Recycle Tin1 x Tin IngotSmithingHydrocraft11.1Tin Working Textbook
Make Small Sheet Of Metal1 x Small Bronze SheetSmithingHydrocraft11.1false
Anchor Kiln1 x KilnAnchorHydrocraft11.1false
Make Steel Shears1 x ShearsSmithingHydrocraft11.1Steel Working Textbook
Recycle Insecticide Can5 x PlasticEngineerHydrocraft11.1false
Stitch Leather Coat1 x Leather CoatWeavingHydrocraft11.1Tailoring Textbook
Unpack Pallet of Ingots32 x Nickel IngotMiscHydrocraft11.1false
Fill Empty Plastic Can With Muriatic Acid1 x Plastic Can With Muriatic AcidAlchemyHydrocraft11.1false
Make Horse Saddle1 x Horse SaddleWeavingHydrocraft11.1Leather Working Textbook
Mix Can of Light Blue Paint1 x Light Blue PaintAlchemyHydrocraft11.1false
Box Glass Pipes1 x Box of Glass PipesAlchemyHydrocraft11.1false
Play Music1 x BanjoLeisureHydrocraft11.1Music Textbook
Pack Coffee Filter Box1 x Coffee Filter BoxMiscHydrocraft11.1false
Make Taco Grande1 x Taco GrandeCookingHydrocraft11.1Mexican Cookbook
Examine Biowaste1 x MicroscopeHealthHydrocraft11.1Mycology Textbook
Make Electrum Wire1 x Electric WireSmithingHydrocraft11.1Wire Textbook
Remove Head1 x Headless Skinned CarcassHuntingHydrocraft11.1Anatomy Textbook
Make Nails1 x Box of NailsSmithingHydrocraft11.1Iron Working Textbook
Kill Animal1 x Dead BeaverDeathHydrocraft11.1Hunting Textbook
Make Bottle of Juice1 x Orange JuiceCookingHydrocraft11.1Juicing Cookbook
Extract Acetylsalicylic Acid1 x PainkillersHealthHydrocraft11.1Painkillers Medical Research
Dry Herbs1 x Dried NettlesAlchemyHydrocraft11.1Herbalism Textbook
Make Mug of Juice2 x Pineapple JuiceCookingHydrocraft11.1Juicing Cookbook
Make Metal Combination Safe1 x Metal Combination SafeLocksmithingHydrocraft11.1Locksmithing Textbook
Create Large Glass Pane1 x Large Glass PaneGlassworkingHydrocraft11.1Glass Working Textbook
Make Jar of Pineapple Jam2 x Jar of Pineapple JamCookingHydrocraft11.1false
Dismantle1 x Steel WheelWeldingHydrocraft11.1false
Dry Hide1 x Dried Squirrel HideHuntingHydrocraft11.1Hunting Textbook
Cut Gem1 x Cut Smokey Quartz CrystalJewelryHydrocraft11.1Gem Cutting Textbook
Make Watermelon Jello Dessert1 x Watermelon Jello DessertCookingHydrocraft11.1false
Add Duct Tape Pouches to Big Hiking Bag1 x Big Hiking Bag (Pouches)EngineerHydrocraft11.1false
Plant Crop1 x Small Potted Pear TreeFarmingHydrocraft11.1Gardening Textbook
Empty Pie Pan1 x Pie PanCookingHydrocraft11.1false
Make Cream Cheese Culture1 x Cream Cheese CultureCookingHydrocraft11.1Cheese Making Cookbook
Harvest Crop1 x Potted Orange TreeFarmingHydrocraft11.1Gardening Textbook
Store Dried Seeds in Bag1 x Bag of Dried Pumpkin SeedsCookingHydrocraft11.1Dried Fruit Cookbook
Make Wooden Vat1 x Wooden VatCarpentryHydrocraft11.1false
Make Marble Statue1 x Marble StatueStoneworkingHydrocraft11.1Sculpting Textbook
Remove White Chocolate Chip Cookies from Tray6 x White Chocolate Chip CookieCookingHydrocraft11.1false
Carve Wooden Duck Call1 x Duck CallCarpentryHydrocraft11.1Bird Fieldguide
Make Pot of Mushroom Soup1 x Pot of Mushroom SoupCookingHydrocraft11.1false
Make Chocolate Shavings1 x Chocolate ShavingsCookingHydrocraft11.1false
Purify Water1 x Wooden Bucket with WaterHealthHydrocraft11.1false
Smoke Tofu1 x Smoked TofuCookingHydrocraft11.1Smoking Cookbook
Pour Tall Glass of Vodka1 x ?CookingHydrocraft11.1false
Fill Empty Selfmade Ether Bottle With Homemade Ether1 x Selfmade EtherAlchemyHydrocraft11.1false
Salt Meat1 x Salted VenisonCookingHydrocraft11.1Salting Meat Cookbook
Dig Fish Pond1 x Dirt Pond HoleFishingHydrocraft11.1Oceanography Textbook
Research Anti-Depression Medication1 x Anti-Depression Medical ResearchResearchHydrocraft11.1Pharmacology Textbook
Pickle Vegetables1 x Jar of Pickled ArtichokesCookingHydrocraft11.1Pickling Cookbook
Remove Calciumchloride Solution From Beaker1 x Beaker With Calciumchloride SolutionHealthHydrocraft11.1false
Open Small Battery Package8 x Small BatteryMiscHydrocraft11.1false
Put Potassium Permanganate In Beaker1 x Beaker With Potassium PermanganateHealthHydrocraft11.1false
Clean Empty Metal Barrel1 x Empty Metal BarrelAlchemyHydrocraft11.1false
Open Cigarette Pack20 x Light CigarettesMiscHydrocraft11.1false
Make Arm Guards1 x Bronze Arm GuardsArmorHydrocraft11.1false
Attach Bags to Dog1 x Pack Husky (Female)RanchingHydrocraft11.1false
Make Greaves1 x Leather GreavesArmorHydrocraft11.1Armor Crafting Textbook
Kill Horse1 x Dead HorseRanchingHydrocraft11.1false
Add Horses to Covered Wagon1 x Covered Wagon with HorsesCarpentryHydrocraft11.1false
Make Azurite Powder1 x Azurite PowderAlchemyHydrocraft11.1Gem Cutting Textbook
Spray Starter Fluid in Conical Flask with Water1 x Conical Flask With Starter Fluid and WaterAlchemyHydrocraft11.1false
Make Bottle of Mead20 x MeadCookingHydrocraft11.1Viticulture Textbook
Recycle Bag3 x Nylon ClothWeavingHydrocraft11.1Tailoring Textbook
Craft Razor Gloves1 x Razor GlovesEngineerHydrocraft11.1false
Make Dynamite MK21 x Dynamite MK2 OffEngineerHydrocraft11.1false
Make Bronze Bastard Sword1 x Bronze Bastard SwordSmithingHydrocraft11.1false
Craft Homemade Club with Hedge Cutter Blade1 x Homemade Club with Hedge Cutter BladeCarpentryHydrocraft11.1false
Set Propane Bomb Trap1 x No ResultTrapperHydrocraft11.1Explosives Textbook
Buy Pack of Toilet Paper1 x Toiletpaper PackTradeHydrocraft11.1false
Unpack Pallet of Sheets10 x Tin SheetMiscHydrocraft11.1false
Play With1 x Toy BearLeisureHydrocraft11.1false
Make Bag1 x Large Alice PackWeavingHydrocraft11.1Tailoring Textbook
Play With1 x Baby RattleLeisureHydrocraft11.1false
Put Pea Seeds in Packet1 x Pea Seeds PacketFarmingHydrocraft11.1false
Remove Chisel Head1 x Chisel HeadEngineerHydrocraft11.1false
Put White Cabbage Seeds in Packet1 x White Cabbage Seeds PacketFarmingHydrocraft11.1false
Craft Small Animal Armature1 x Wooden Small Animal ArmatureLeisureHydrocraft11.1Taxidermy Textbook
Put Cauliflower Seeds in Packet1 x Cauliflower Seeds PacketFarmingHydrocraft11.1false
Make Sand2 x Wooden Bucket with SandStoneworkingHydrocraft11.1Stoneworking Textbook
Set Gem in Ring1 x Silver Ring with OlivineJewelryHydrocraft11.1Jewelry Crafting Textbook
Unpack Pallet of Metal Sheets10 x Metal SheetMiscHydrocraft11.1false
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Updated to PZ Version 41 - Hydrocraft Version 11.1 - ORGM Version Rechambered 3.09.1
Created by Nolan Ritchie
Styling by Steven Wilson