List of All Project Zomboid, Hydrocraft Mod and ORMtnMan's Real Gun Mod (ORGM) Recipes / Crafts

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Recipe Name↑Recipe CreatesCategoryModVersionMust Learn from Book
Add Sap Catchers to Rubber Tree1 x Potted Rubber Tree with Sap CatchersFarmingHydrocraft8.7false
Attatch Corpse Scarecrow1 x Corpse ScarecrowFarmingHydrocraft8.7false
Attatch Corpse Scarecrow1 x Corpse ScarecrowFarmingHydrocraft8.7false
Attatch Scarecrow1 x ScarecrowFarmingHydrocraft8.7false
Attatch Scarecrow1 x ScarecrowFarmingHydrocraft8.7false
Build Compost Bin1 x Compost BinFarmingHydrocraft8.7Gardening Textbook
Build Planter1 x PlanterFarmingHydrocraft8.7false
Build Trellis Kit1 x Trellis KitFarmingHydrocraft8.7Better Shelters and Farms
Collect Bee1 x HoneybeeFarmingHydrocraft8.7Apiculture Textbook
Collect Bees2 x HoneybeeFarmingHydrocraft8.7Apiculture Textbook
Collect New Queen Bee1 x Queen HoneybeeFarmingHydrocraft8.7Apiculture Textbook
Dry Raw Rice1 x RiceFarmingHydrocraft8.7false
Extract Seed from Raw Rice1 x Rice SeedsFarmingHydrocraft8.7false
Fill Bag With Compost1 x NPK FertilizerFarmingHydrocraft8.7Gardening Textbook
Fill Bee Smoker with Fuel1 x Bee SmokerFarmingHydrocraft8.7Apiculture Textbook
Fill Bucket1 x Wooden Bucket with WaterFarmingHydrocraft8.7false
Fill Clay Pot with Dirt1 x Clay Flowerpot with DirtFarmingHydrocraft8.7false
Grow Spirulina in Tank1 x Fish Tank with SpirulinaFarmingHydrocraft8.7Oceanography Textbook
Harvest 2 Honeycombs2 x HoneycombFarmingHydrocraft8.7Apiculture Textbook
Harvest 4 Honeycombs4 x HoneycombFarmingHydrocraft8.7Apiculture Textbook
Harvest Alfalfa5 x AlfalfaFarmingHydrocraft8.7false
Harvest Apples5 x AppleFarmingHydrocraft8.7false
Harvest Asparagus5 x AsparagusFarmingHydrocraft8.7false
Harvest Avocados5 x AvocadoFarmingHydrocraft8.7false
Harvest Bamboo5 x BambooFarmingHydrocraft8.7false
Harvest Bananas5 x BananaFarmingHydrocraft8.7false
Harvest Basil5 x Basil LeafFarmingHydrocraft8.7false
Harvest Beets5 x BeetrootFarmingHydrocraft8.7false
Harvest Bell Peppers5 x Bell PepperFarmingHydrocraft8.7false
Harvest Blackberries5 x BerriesFarmingHydrocraft8.7false
Harvest Bluberries5 x BerriesFarmingHydrocraft8.7false
Harvest Blue Agave Leaves1 x Cut Blue AgaveFarmingHydrocraft8.7false
Harvest Blue Corn5 x Blue CornFarmingHydrocraft8.7false
Harvest Broccoli5 x BroccoliFarmingHydrocraft8.7false
Harvest Buskin Pumpkins3 x Buskin PumpkinFarmingHydrocraft8.7false
Harvest Cabbage2 x CabbageFarmingHydrocraft8.7false
Harvest Cactus Fruit5 x Cactus FruitFarmingHydrocraft8.7false
Harvest Carrots5 x CarrotsFarmingHydrocraft8.7false
Harvest Cherries5 x CherryFarmingHydrocraft8.7false
Harvest Chili Peppers5 x Chili PepperFarmingHydrocraft8.7false
Harvest Chinese Cabbage2 x Chinese CabbageFarmingHydrocraft8.7false
Harvest Colewort5 x ColewortFarmingHydrocraft8.7false
Harvest Corn5 x CornFarmingHydrocraft8.7false
Harvest Cotton Plant5 x Raw CottonFarmingHydrocraft8.7false
Harvest Cucumbers5 x CucumberFarmingHydrocraft8.7false
Harvest Eggplants5 x EggplantFarmingHydrocraft8.7false
Harvest Garlic5 x GarlicFarmingHydrocraft8.7false
Harvest Ginger5 x GingerFarmingHydrocraft8.7false
Harvest Grapes5 x GrapesFarmingHydrocraft8.7false
Harvest Green Chili5 x Green ChiliFarmingHydrocraft8.7false
Harvest Green Onions5 x Green OnionFarmingHydrocraft8.7false
Harvest Green Pumpkins3 x Green PumpkinFarmingHydrocraft8.7false
Harvest Hemp4 x Fresh Hemp BudFarmingHydrocraft8.7false
Harvest Hemp2 x Plant FibersFarmingHydrocraft8.7false
Harvest Honeycomb1 x HoneycombFarmingHydrocraft8.7Apiculture Textbook
Harvest Jute Plant5 x Fresh Jute StemsFarmingHydrocraft8.7false
Harvest Large Pumpkins2 x Large PumpkinFarmingHydrocraft8.7false
Harvest Leeks5 x LeekFarmingHydrocraft8.7false
Harvest Lemons5 x LemonFarmingHydrocraft8.7false
Harvest Lettuce2 x LettuceFarmingHydrocraft8.7false
Harvest Onions5 x OnionFarmingHydrocraft8.7false
Harvest Oranges5 x OrangeFarmingHydrocraft8.7false
Harvest Peaches5 x PeachFarmingHydrocraft8.7false
Harvest Peanuts5 x PeanutsFarmingHydrocraft8.7false
Harvest Pears5 x PearFarmingHydrocraft8.7false
Harvest Peas5 x PeapodFarmingHydrocraft8.7false
Harvest Pineapple2 x PineappleFarmingHydrocraft8.7false
Harvest Poppy Capsules5 x Poppy CapsuleFarmingHydrocraft8.7false
Harvest Portobello Mushrooms5 x Portobello MushroomFarmingHydrocraft8.7false
Harvest Potatoes5 x PotatoFarmingHydrocraft8.7false
Harvest Prickly Pear Fruit5 x Prickly Pear FruitFarmingHydrocraft8.7false
Harvest Pumpkin2 x PumpkinFarmingHydrocraft8.7false
Harvest Radishes5 x RadishFarmingHydrocraft8.7false
Harvest Red Corn5 x Red CornFarmingHydrocraft8.7false
Harvest Rice5 x Raw RiceFarmingHydrocraft8.7false
Harvest Rubber Tree Sap1 x Wooden Bucket with RubberFarmingHydrocraft8.7false
Harvest Rubber Tree Seeds3 x Rubber Tree SeedsFarmingHydrocraft8.7false
Harvest Shiitake Mushrooms5 x Shiitake MushroomFarmingHydrocraft8.7false
Harvest Spirulina5 x SpirulinaFarmingHydrocraft8.7false
Harvest Strawberries5 x StrawberriesFarmingHydrocraft8.7false
Harvest Sweet Potatoes5 x Sweet PotatoFarmingHydrocraft8.7false
Harvest Tea Leaves2 x Fresh Tea LeavesFarmingHydrocraft8.7false
Harvest Tobacco2 x Fresh Tobacco LeavesFarmingHydrocraft8.7false
Harvest Tomatillo5 x TomatilloFarmingHydrocraft8.7false
Harvest Tomatoes5 x TomatoFarmingHydrocraft8.7false
Harvest Watermelon1 x WatermelonFarmingHydrocraft8.7false
Harvest White Corn5 x White CornFarmingHydrocraft8.7false
Harvest White Pumpkins3 x White PumpkinFarmingHydrocraft8.7false
Harvest Zucchini5 x ZucchiniFarmingHydrocraft8.7false
Make Bee Smoker1 x Empty Bee SmokerFarmingHydrocraft8.7Apiculture Textbook
Make Beekeeper Hat1 x Beekeeper HatFarmingHydrocraft8.7Apiculture Textbook
Make Compost1 x CompostFarmingHydrocraft8.7Gardening Textbook
Make Fertile Soil1 x Fertile SoilFarmingHydrocraft8.7false
Make Flies Cure1 x Insecticide SprayFarmingClassic37.14Gardening Textbook
Make Mildew Cure1 x Mildew SprayFarmingClassic37.14Gardening Textbook
Make Sap Catcher1 x Sap CatcherFarmingHydrocraft8.7false
Open Packet of Alfalfa Seeds50 x Alfalfa SeedsFarmingHydrocraft8.7false
Open Packet of Apple Seeds50 x Apple SeedsFarmingHydrocraft8.7false
Open Packet of Apricot Seeds50 x Apricot SeedsFarmingHydrocraft8.7false
Open Packet of Artichoke Seeds50 x Artichoke SeedsFarmingHydrocraft8.7false
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Updated to PZ Version 37.14 - Hydrocraft Version 8.7 - ORGM Version 1.3
Created by Nolan Ritchie
Styling by Steven Wilson