List of All Project Zomboid, Hydrocraft Mod and ORMtnMan's Real Gun Mod (ORGM) Recipes / Crafts

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Recipe NameRecipe CreatesCategoryMod↑VersionMust Learn from Book
Make 308 Bullets40 x .308 AmmoSmithingClassic35.25bThe Smithing Magazine Vol.4
Get Bacon Rashers4 x Bacon RashersCookingClassic35.25bfalse
Add Motion Sensor V31 x Smoke Bomb with SensorElectricalClassic35.25bElectronics Magazine
Unstack Logs3 x LogCarpentryClassic35.25bfalse
Disinfect Bandage1 x Sterilized BandageHealthClassic35.25bfalse
Make Tongs1 x TongsSmithingClassic35.25bThe Smithing Magazine Vol.3
Place Pasta in Cooking Pot1 x Cooking Pot with PastaCookingClassic35.25bfalse
Add Motion Sensor V21 x Aerosol Bomb with SensorElectricalClassic35.25bElectronics Magazine
Make Jar of Eggplants1 x Jar of EggplantsCookingClassic35.25bfalse
Dismantle Television1 x Electronics ScrapElectricalClassic35.25bfalse
Place Shotgun Shells in Box1 x Box of Shotgun ShellsMiscClassic35.25bfalse
Make Fork1 x ForkSmithingClassic35.25bThe Smithing Magazine Vol.1
Open Egg Carton12 x EggCookingClassic35.25bfalse
Dismantle Video Game1 x Electronics ScrapElectricalClassic35.25bfalse
Butcher Rabbit1 x Rabbit MeatCookingClassic35.25bfalse
Insert Battery into Flashlight1 x FlashlightMiscClassic35.25bfalse
Make Stick Trap1 x Stick TrapTrapperClassic35.25bStick Trap Tablet
Open Box of Jars6 x Empty JarMiscClassic35.25bfalse
Make Golfclub1 x GolfclubSmithingClassic35.25bThe Smithing Magazine Vol.4
Put Radish Seeds in Packet1 x Radish Seeds PacketFarmingClassic35.25bfalse
Add Motion Sensor V11 x Pipe Bomb with SensorElectricalClassic35.25bElectronics Magazine
Open Canned Corn1 x Open Canned CornCookingClassic35.25bfalse
Make Suture Needle Holder1 x Suture Needle HolderSmithingClassic35.25bThe Smithing Magazine Vol.3
Add Timer1 x Flame Trap with TimerElectricalClassic35.25bElectronics Magazine
Open Jar of Leeks5 x LeekCookingClassic35.25bfalse
Craft Makeshift Walkie Talkie1 x Makeshift Walkie TalkieElectricalClassic35.25bGuerilla Radio VOL: 2
Place Cake in Baking Pan1 x Cake PreparationCookingClassic35.25bfalse
Make Roasting Pan1 x Cooking PotSmithingClassic35.25bThe Smithing Magazine Vol.1
Empty Roasting Pan1 x Roasting PanCookingClassic35.25bfalse
Dismantle Home Alarm1 x Motion SensorElectricalClassic35.25bfalse
Saw Logs3 x PlankCarpentryClassic35.25bfalse
Dismantle Headphones1 x Electronics ScrapElectricalClassic35.25bfalse
Make Cage Trap1 x Cage TrapTrapperClassic35.25bCage Trap Blueprint
Open Box of Paperclip40 x PaperclipMiscClassic35.25bfalse
Make Metal Pipe1 x Metal TubeWeldingClassic35.25bMetalworking Monthly Magazine
Put Potato Seeds in Packet1 x Potato Seeds PacketFarmingClassic35.25bfalse
Add Crafted Trigger1 x Remote Pipe BombElectricalClassic35.25bElectronics Magazine
Clean Rag1 x Ripped SheetsHealthClassic35.25bfalse
Open Canned Tuna1 x Open Tin of TunaCookingClassic35.25bfalse
Make Metal Drum1 x Metal DrumSmithingClassic35.25bThe Smithing Magazine Vol.3
Make Tent Kit1 x Tent KitSurvivalistClassic35.25bfalse
Add Motion Sensor V31 x Flame Trap with SensorElectricalClassic35.25bElectronics Magazine
Make Jar of Bell Peppers1 x Jar of Bell PeppersCookingClassic35.25bfalse
Prepare Oats Meal1 x OatmealCookingClassic35.25bfalse
Make Baking Pan1 x Baking PanSmithingClassic35.25bThe Smithing Magazine Vol.1
Slice Fillet2 x Fish FilletCookingClassic35.25bfalse
Make Nails10 x NailsSmithingClassic35.25bIron Working Textbook
Slice Watermelon10 x Watermelon SliceCookingClassic35.25bfalse
Make Remote Controller V11 x V1 Remote ControllerElectricalClassic35.25bElectronics Magazine
Put Alcohol on Cotton1 x Cotton Balls Doused in AlcoholHealthClassic35.25bfalse
Open Box of .308 Ammo160 x .308 AmmoMiscClassic35.25bfalse
Make Shovel1 x ShovelSmithingClassic35.25bThe Smithing Magazine Vol.3
Open Canned Mushroom Soup1 x Open Canned Mushroom SoupCookingClassic35.25bfalse
Make Stone Hammer1 x Stone HammerSurvivalistClassic35.25bfalse
Make 2 Bowls of Rice2 x Bowl of RiceCookingClassic35.25bfalse
Make Hunting Knife1 x Hunting KnifeSmithingClassic35.25bThe Smithing Magazine Vol.3
Open Packet of Carrot Seeds50 x Carrot SeedsFarmingClassic35.25bfalse
Add Motion Sensor V11 x Noise Generator with SensorElectricalClassic35.25bElectronics Magazine
Open Jar of Cabbage3 x CabbageCookingClassic35.25bfalse
Make Two-Log Stack1 x Two Logs StackCarpentryClassic35.25bfalse
Make Fishing Rod1 x Fishing RodFishingClassic35.25bFishing Rod Blueprint
Make Door Knob1 x DoorknobSmithingClassic35.25bThe Smithing Magazine Vol.2
Open Dog Food1 x Open DogfoodCookingClassic35.25bfalse
Make Remote Trigger1 x Crafted TriggerElectricalClassic35.25bElectronics Magazine
Make Jar of Carrots1 x Jar of CarrotsCookingClassic35.25bfalse
Refill Blow Torch1 x Propane TorchWeldingClassic35.25bfalse
Place .308 Ammo in Box1 x Box of .308 BulletsMiscClassic35.25bfalse
Make Flame bomb1 x Flame TrapEngineerClassic35.25b?
Build Spiked Baseball Bat1 x Spiked Baseball BatCarpentryClassic35.25bfalse
Open Canned Sardines1 x Open Canned SardinesCookingClassic35.25bfalse
Make Fishing Net1 x Fishing Net TrapFishingClassic35.25bFishing Net Blueprint
Make 2 Bowls of Soup2 x Bowl of SoupCookingClassic35.25bfalse
Make 223 Bullets Mold1 x 223 Bullets MoldSmithingClassic35.25bThe Smithing Magazine Vol.4
Open Packet of Strawberries Seeds50 x Strawberries SeedsFarmingClassic35.25bfalse
Add Crafted Trigger1 x Remote Noise GeneratorElectricalClassic35.25bElectronics Magazine
Open Packet of Cabbage Seeds50 x Cabbage SeedsFarmingClassic35.25bfalse
Add Motion Sensor V21 x Smoke Bomb with SensorElectricalClassic35.25bElectronics Magazine
Unstack Logs2 x LogCarpentryClassic35.25bfalse
Disinfect Bandage1 x Sterilized RagHealthClassic35.25bfalse
Make Ball Peen Hammer1 x Ball Peen HammerSmithingClassic35.25bThe Smithing Magazine Vol.2
Place Rice in Saucepan1 x Saucepan with RiceCookingClassic35.25bfalse
Add Motion Sensor V11 x Aerosol Bomb with SensorElectricalClassic35.25bElectronics Magazine
Open Jar of Potatoes5 x PotatoCookingClassic35.25bfalse
Dismantle HAM Radio1 x Electronics ScrapElectricalClassic35.25bfalse
Place 9mm Bullets in Box1 x Box of 9mm BulletsMiscClassic35.25bfalse
Make Pipe bomb1 x Pipe BombEngineerClassic35.25b?
Empty Whisky Bottle1 x Empty BottleCookingClassic35.25bfalse
Dismantle TV Remote1 x ReceiverElectricalClassic35.25bfalse
Butcher Small Animal1 x Small Animal MeatCookingClassic35.25bfalse
Remove Battery1 x BatteryMiscClassic35.25bfalse
Make Shotgun Shells24 x Shotgun ShellsSmithingClassic35.25bThe Smithing Magazine Vol.4
Build Drawer1 x DrawerCarpentryClassic35.25bfalse
Make Crowbar1 x CrowbarSmithingClassic35.25bThe Smithing Magazine Vol.4
Put Broccoli Seeds in Packet1 x Broccoli Seeds PacketFarmingClassic35.25bfalse
Add Timer1 x Pipe Bomb with TimerElectricalClassic35.25bElectronics Magazine
Open Canned Corned Beef1 x Open Canned Corned BeefCookingClassic35.25bfalse
Disinfect Rag1 x Sterilized RagHealthClassic35.25bfalse
Make Sheet Metal1 x Metal SheetSmithingClassic35.25bThe Smithing Magazine Vol.3
Add Crafted Trigger1 x Remote Aerosol BombElectricalClassic35.25bElectronics Magazine
Make Jar of Leeks1 x Jar of LeeksCookingClassic35.25bfalse
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Updated to PZ Version 35.25b - Hydrocraft Version 8.3 - ORGM Version 1.242
Created by Nolan Ritchie
Styling by Steven Wilson