List of All Project Zomboid, Hydrocraft Mod and ORMtnMan's Real Gun Mod (ORGM) Recipes / Crafts

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Recipe NameRecipe CreatesCategoryMod↑VersionMust Learn from Book
Make 2 Bowls of Pasta2 x Bowl of PastaCookingClassic42.1false
Add Motion Sensor V21 x Flame Trap with SensorElectricalClassic42.1Electronics Magazine
Open Packet of Carrot Seeds50 x Carrot SeedsFarmingClassic42.1false
Open Jar of Red Radishes5 x RadishCookingClassic42.1false
Prepare Cereals Bowl1 x Cereal BowlCookingClassic42.1false
Make Pot of Soup1 x Pot of SoupCookingClassic42.1false
Make Letter Opener1 x Letter OpenerSmithingClassic42.1The Smithing Magazine Vol.2
Gather Gunpowder1 x GunpowderMiscClassic42.1false
Douse Cotton in Alcohol1 x Cotton Balls Doused in AlcoholHealthClassic42.1false
Make Sledgehammer1 x SledgehammerSmithingClassic42.1The Smithing Magazine Vol.4
Open Box of Shotgun Shells48 x Shotgun ShellsMiscClassic42.1false
Add Motion Sensor V31 x Pipe Bomb with SensorElectricalClassic42.1Electronics Magazine
Make Shovel1 x ShovelSmithingClassic42.1The Smithing Magazine Vol.3
Open Canned Chili1 x Open Canned ChiliCookingClassic42.1false
Make Stone Axe1 x Raw AxeSurvivalistClassic42.1false
Make Suture Needle1 x Suture NeedleSmithingClassic42.1The Smithing Magazine Vol.3
Make Sturdy Stick8 x Sturdy StickMiscClassic42.1false
Make Saw1 x SawSmithingClassic42.1The Smithing Magazine Vol.3
Make 4 Bowls of Stew4 x Bowl of StewCookingClassic42.1false
Add Timer1 x Noise Generator with TimerElectricalClassic42.1Electronics Magazine
Open Packet of Strawberries Seeds50 x Strawberries SeedsFarmingClassic42.1false
Make Jar of Cabbage1 x Jar of CabbageCookingClassic42.1false
Slice Ham6 x Ham SliceCookingClassic42.1false
Smash Watermelon5 x Watermelon ChunksCookingClassic42.1false
Make Scissors1 x ScissorsSmithingClassic42.1The Smithing Magazine Vol.2
Make Remote Controller V31 x V3 Remote ControllerElectricalClassic42.1Electronics Magazine
Open Jar of Tomatoes5 x TomatoCookingClassic42.1false
Make Metal Sheet1 x Metal SheetWeldingClassic42.1The Metalwork Magazine Vol.4
Place Nails in Box1 x Box of NailsMiscClassic42.1false
Make Aerosol bomb1 x Aerosol BombEngineerClassic42.1?
Open Canned Potato1 x Open Canned PotatoCookingClassic42.1false
Make Noise Maker1 x Noise MakerElectricalClassic42.1Engineer Magazine
Open Canned Carrots1 x Open Canned CarrotsCookingClassic42.1false
Make Splint1 x SplintHealthClassic42.1false
Make 308 Bullets Mold1 x 308 Bullets MoldSmithingClassic42.1The Smithing Magazine Vol.4
Insert Battery into Flashlight1 x FlashlightMiscClassic42.1false
Add Motion Sensor V31 x Noise Generator with SensorElectricalClassic42.1Electronics Magazine
Open Packet of Cabbage Seeds50 x Cabbage SeedsFarmingClassic42.1false
Open Jar of Broccoli5 x BroccoliCookingClassic42.1false
Fix Fishing Rod1 x Fishing RodFishingClassic42.1Fishing Rod Blueprint
Make Beans Bowl1 x Bowl of BeansCookingClassic42.1false
Make Butter Knife1 x Butter KnifeSmithingClassic42.1The Smithing Magazine Vol.2
Add Timer1 x Aerosol Bomb with TimerElectricalClassic42.1Electronics Magazine
Dismantle Radio1 x Electronics ScrapElectricalClassic42.1false
Build Spiked Baseball Bat1 x Spiked Baseball BatCarpentryClassic42.1false
Place Shotgun Shells in Box1 x Box of Shotgun ShellsMiscClassic42.1false
Dismantle Television1 x Electronics ScrapElectricalClassic42.1false
Empty Whisky Bottle1 x Empty BottleCookingClassic42.1false
Make Spoon1 x SpoonSmithingClassic42.1The Smithing Magazine Vol.1
Dismantle Cordless Phone1 x Electronics ScrapElectricalClassic42.1false
Butcher Bird1 x Small Bird MeatCookingClassic42.1false
Make 9mm Bullets20 x 9mm RoundsSmithingClassic42.1The Smithing Magazine Vol.4
Open Box of Jars6 x Empty JarMiscClassic42.1false
Add Motion Sensor V11 x Smoke Bomb with SensorElectricalClassic42.1Electronics Magazine
Put Broccoli Seeds in Packet1 x Broccoli Seeds PacketFarmingClassic42.1false
Make Four-Log Stack1 x Four Logs StackCarpentryClassic42.1false
Make Cold Cuppa1 x Cold CuppaCookingClassic42.1false
Place Pasta in Cooking Pot1 x Cooking Pot with PastaCookingClassic42.1false
Make Hammer1 x HammerSmithingClassic42.1The Smithing Magazine Vol.3
Make Jar of Potatoes1 x Jar of PotatoesCookingClassic42.1false
Make Campfire Kit1 x Campfire MaterialsSurvivalistClassic42.1false
Open Jar of Eggplants5 x EggplantCookingClassic42.1false
Place Cake in Baking Pan1 x Cake PreparationCookingClassic42.1false
Craft Makeshift Walkie Talkie1 x Makeshift Walkie TalkieElectricalClassic42.1Guerilla Radio VOL: 2
Empty Frying Pan1 x Frying PanCookingClassic42.1false
Make Saucepan1 x SaucepanSmithingClassic42.1The Smithing Magazine Vol.1
Dismantle Digital Watch1 x Electronics ScrapElectricalClassic42.1false
Make Snare Trap1 x Snare TrapTrapperClassic42.1Snare Trap Blueprint
Make 223 Bullets40 x .223 AmmoSmithingClassic42.1The Smithing Magazine Vol.4
Open Box of Paperclip40 x PaperclipMiscClassic42.1false
Add Crafted Trigger1 x Remote Smoke BombElectricalClassic42.1Electronics Magazine
Put Tomato Seeds in Packet1 x Tomato Seeds PacketFarmingClassic42.1false
Unstack Logs4 x LogCarpentryClassic42.1false
Clean Bandage1 x BandageHealthClassic42.1false
Open Canned Tuna1 x Open Tin of TunaCookingClassic42.1false
Add Motion Sensor V31 x Aerosol Bomb with SensorElectricalClassic42.1Electronics Magazine
Make 2 Bowls of Rice2 x Bowl of RiceCookingClassic42.1false
Add Motion Sensor V11 x Flame Trap with SensorElectricalClassic42.1Electronics Magazine
Make Flies Cure1 x Insecticide SprayFarmingClassic42.1Gardening Textbook
Make Jar of Red Radishes1 x Jar of Red RadishesCookingClassic42.1false
Prepare Oats Meal1 x OatmealCookingClassic42.1false
Saw Logs3 x PlankCarpentryClassic42.1false
Make Pan1 x Frying PanSmithingClassic42.1The Smithing Magazine Vol.1
Dismantle CD Player2 x Electronics ScrapElectricalClassic42.1false
Make Mattress1 x MattressMiscClassic42.1false
Make Axe1 x AxeSmithingClassic42.1The Smithing Magazine Vol.4
Open Box of .308 Ammo160 x .308 AmmoMiscClassic42.1false
Add Motion Sensor V21 x Pipe Bomb with SensorElectricalClassic42.1Electronics Magazine
Get Bacon Bits4 x Bacon BitsCookingClassic42.1false
Open Canned Bolognese1 x Open Canned Spaghetti BologneseCookingClassic42.1false
Drill Plank1 x Notched Wooden PlankMiscClassic42.1false
Make Tweezers1 x TweezersSmithingClassic42.1The Smithing Magazine Vol.3
Make Wooden Spear1 x Wooden SpearSurvivalistClassic42.1false
Make Kitchen Knife1 x Kitchen KnifeSmithingClassic42.1The Smithing Magazine Vol.3
Make 2 Bowls of Soup2 x Bowl of SoupCookingClassic42.1false
Add Crafted Trigger1 x Remote Flame TrapElectricalClassic42.1Electronics Magazine
Open Packet of Radish Seeds50 x Radish SeedsFarmingClassic42.1false
Open Jar of Bell Peppers5 x Bell PepperCookingClassic42.1false
Slice Fillet2 x Fish FilletCookingClassic42.1false
Slice Watermelon10 x Watermelon SliceCookingClassic42.1false
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Updated to PZ Version 42.1 - Hydrocraft Version 10.0 - ORGM Version Rechambered 3.07
Created by Nolan Ritchie
Styling by Steven Wilson