List of All Project Zomboid, Hydrocraft Mod and ORMtnMan's Real Gun Mod (ORGM) Recipes / Crafts

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Recipe Name↑Recipe CreatesCategoryModVersionMust Learn from Book
Build Rabbit Hutch1 x Empty Rabbit HutchCarpentryHydrocraft8.7false
Build Roof for Beehive1 x Beehive (Stage 3)CarpentryHydrocraft8.7Apiculture Textbook
Build Scarecrow Stand1 x Scarecrow StandCarpentryHydrocraft8.7false
Build Selfmade Solar Panel1 x Homemade Solar PanelElectricalHydrocraft8.7Popular Machines Vol 1
Build Solar Park1 x Solar ParkElectricalHydrocraft8.7Popular Machines Vol 1
Build Spiked Baseball Bat1 x Spiked Baseball BatCarpentryClassic37.14false
Build Spiked Plank1 x Spiked PlankCarpentryClassic37.14false
Build Stamp Mill1 x Stamp MillEngineerHydrocraft8.7Stoneworking Textbook
Build Star Chart Board1 x Star Chart BoardCarpentryHydrocraft8.7Astronomy Textbook
Build Steam Machine1 x Steam MachineEngineerHydrocraft8.7Industrial Mechanics Textbook
Build Trading Post1 x Trading PostTradeHydrocraft8.7false
Build Trellis Kit1 x Trellis KitFarmingHydrocraft8.7Better Shelters and Farms
Build Wagon1 x WagonCarpentryHydrocraft8.7false
Build Water Tower1 x Water TowerCarpentryHydrocraft8.7Plumbing Textbook
Build Windmill1 x Wooden WindmillCarpentryHydrocraft8.7false
Build Wooden Ladder1 x Wooden LadderCarpentryHydrocraft8.7false
Bundle Twigs1 x Bundle of TwigsSurvivalistHydrocraft8.7false
Bury Trash1 x Work GlovesMiscHydrocraft8.7false
Butcher Bird1 x Small Bird MeatCookingClassic37.14false
Butcher Carcass1 x Deer SkeletonSurvivalistHydrocraft8.7false
Butcher Carcass1 x Cow SkeletonSurvivalistHydrocraft8.7false
Butcher Carcass1 x Grizzly Bear SkeletonSurvivalistHydrocraft8.7false
Butcher Carcass5 x Black FeatherSurvivalistHydrocraft8.7false
Butcher Carcass1 x Headless SkeletonSurvivalistHydrocraft8.7false
Butcher Carcass5 x Brown FeatherSurvivalistHydrocraft8.7false
Butcher Carcass2 x Brown FeatherSurvivalistHydrocraft8.7false
Butcher Carcass2 x BoneSurvivalistHydrocraft8.7false
Butcher Carcass1 x Sheep SkeletonSurvivalistHydrocraft8.7false
Butcher Carcass1 x Boar SkeletonSurvivalistHydrocraft8.7false
Butcher Carcass1 x Cow SkeletonSurvivalistHydrocraft8.7false
Butcher Carcass1 x Black Bear SkeletonSurvivalistHydrocraft8.7false
Butcher Carcass1 x Horse SkeletonSurvivalistHydrocraft8.7false
Butcher Carcass6 x Brown FeatherSurvivalistHydrocraft8.7false
Butcher Carcass1 x Small Animal MeatCookingHydrocraft8.7false
Butcher Carcass2 x White FeatherSurvivalistHydrocraft8.7false
Butcher Carcass1 x Raccoon SkeletonSurvivalistHydrocraft8.7false
Butcher Carcass1 x Pig SkeletonSurvivalistHydrocraft8.7false
Butcher Carcass1 x Deer SkeletonSurvivalistHydrocraft8.7false
Butcher Carcass1 x Donkey SkeletonSurvivalistHydrocraft8.7false
Butcher Carcass1 x SkeletonSurvivalistHydrocraft8.7false
Butcher Carcass6 x White FeatherSurvivalistHydrocraft8.7false
Butcher Carcass5 x White FeatherSurvivalistHydrocraft8.7false
Butcher Carcass12 x Brown FeatherSurvivalistHydrocraft8.7false
Butcher Carcass1 x Fox SkeletonSurvivalistHydrocraft8.7false
Butcher Carcass1 x Goat SkeletonSurvivalistHydrocraft8.7false
Butcher Rabbit1 x Rabbit MeatCookingClassic37.14false
Butcher Small Animal1 x Small Animal MeatCookingClassic37.14false
Butcher Turtle2 x Small Animal MeatCookingHydrocraft8.7false
Butcher Turtle1 x Small Animal MeatCookingHydrocraft8.7false
Buy Axe1 x AxeTradeHydrocraft8.7false
Buy Baseball Bat1 x Baseball BatTradeHydrocraft8.7false
Buy Bowl1 x BowlTradeHydrocraft8.7false
Buy Box of Nails1 x Box of NailsTradeHydrocraft8.7false
Buy Can Opener1 x Can OpenerTradeHydrocraft8.7false
Buy Canned Beans1 x Canned BeansTradeHydrocraft8.7false
Buy Compass1 x CompassTradeHydrocraft8.7false
Buy Down Jacket1 x Down JacketTradeHydrocraft8.7false
Buy Hammer1 x HammerTradeHydrocraft8.7false
Buy Jack Knife1 x Jack KnifeTradeHydrocraft8.7false
Buy Kitchen Knife1 x Kitchen KnifeTradeHydrocraft8.7false
Buy Lighter1 x LighterTradeHydrocraft8.7false
Buy Map1 x MapTradeHydrocraft8.7false
Buy Pack of Garbage Bag1 x Garbage BagTradeHydrocraft8.7false
Buy Pack of Toilet Paper1 x Toiletpaper PackTradeHydrocraft8.7false
Buy Raincoat1 x RaincoatTradeHydrocraft8.7false
Buy Saw1 x SawTradeHydrocraft8.7false
Buy School Bag1 x SchoolbagTradeHydrocraft8.7false
Buy Screwdriver1 x ScrewdriverTradeHydrocraft8.7false
Buy Trowel1 x TrowelTradeHydrocraft8.7false
Buy Water Bottle1 x Water BottleTradeHydrocraft8.7false
Carve Jack-O-Lantern1 x White Jack-O-LanternLeisureHydrocraft8.7false
Carve Jack-O-Lantern1 x Jack-O-LanternLeisureHydrocraft8.7false
Carve Jack-O-Lantern1 x Green Jack-O-LanternLeisureHydrocraft8.7false
Carve Toy Horse1 x Toy HorseCarpentryHydrocraft8.7false
Carve Wooden Bird Call1 x Bird CallCarpentryHydrocraft8.7false
Carve Wooden Duck Call1 x Duck CallCarpentryHydrocraft8.7false
Catch Bugs1 x Magnifying GlassSurvivalistHydrocraft8.7Entomology Textbook
Clean Bandage1 x BandageHealthClassic37.14false
Clean Bottle1 x Clean Plastic BottleAlchemyHydrocraft8.7false
Clean Diaper1 x DiaperHealthHydrocraft8.7false
Clean Dissection Table1 x Dissection TableHealthHydrocraft8.7Anatomy Textbook
Clean Empty Ammonia Can1 x Empty Plastic CanAlchemyHydrocraft8.7false
Clean Empty Blue Barrel1 x Empty Blue BarrelAlchemyHydrocraft8.7false
Clean Empty Glass Bottle1 x Empty Glass BottleAlchemyHydrocraft8.7false
Clean Empty Insecticide Can1 x Empty Plastic CanAlchemyHydrocraft8.7false
Clean Empty Liquid Soap Can1 x Empty Plastic CanMiscHydrocraft8.7false
Clean Empty Metal Barrel1 x Empty Metal BarrelAlchemyHydrocraft8.7false
Clean Menstrual Pad1 x Menstrual PadHealthHydrocraft8.7false
Clean Petri Dish1 x Petri DishHealthHydrocraft8.7Microbiology Textbook
Clean Platine1 x Empty Circuit BoardElectricalHydrocraft8.7false
Clean Rag1 x Ripped SheetsHealthClassic37.14false
Close Anti-Depression Pill Box1 x Bottle of Anti-Depression PillsHealthHydrocraft8.7false
Close Umbrella1 x Closed UmbrellaMiscHydrocraft8.7false
Collect Bee1 x HoneybeeFarmingHydrocraft8.7Apiculture Textbook
Collect Bees2 x HoneybeeFarmingHydrocraft8.7Apiculture Textbook
Collect New Queen Bee1 x Queen HoneybeeFarmingHydrocraft8.7Apiculture Textbook
Connect Glass Balloon to Beaker with Water1 x Glass Baloon and WaterbeakerAlchemyHydrocraft8.7false
Construct Barbed Wire Barricade1 x Barbed Wire BarricadeEngineerHydrocraft8.7Welding Textbook
Construct Brick Pillar1 x Brick PillarMasonryHydrocraft8.7Masonry Textbook
Construct Cellar1 x CellarStoneworkingHydrocraft8.7Stoneworking Textbook
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Updated to PZ Version 37.14 - Hydrocraft Version 8.7 - ORGM Version 1.3
Created by Nolan Ritchie
Styling by Steven Wilson