List of All Project Zomboid, Hydrocraft Mod and ORMtnMan's Real Gun Mod (ORGM) Recipes / Crafts

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Recipe Name↑Recipe CreatesCategoryModVersionMust Learn from Book
Box Glass Elbow Pipes1 x Box of Glass Elbow PipeAlchemyHydrocraft11.1false
Box Glass Pipes1 x Box of Glass PipesAlchemyHydrocraft11.1false
Box Hot Glue Sticks1 x Box of Hot Glue SticksMiscHydrocraft11.1false
Box Menstrual Pads1 x Box of Menstrual PadsMiscHydrocraft11.1false
Box Mothballs1 x Box of MothballsMiscHydrocraft11.1false
Box Nail Gun Ammo1 x Box of Nail Gun NailsMiscHydrocraft11.1false
Box Nuts1 x Box of BoltsMiscHydrocraft11.1false
Box Pencils1 x Box of PencilsMiscHydrocraft11.1false
Box Pens1 x Box of PensMiscHydrocraft11.1false
Box Rat Poison1 x Box of Rat PoisonMiscHydrocraft11.1false
Box Razor Blades1 x Box of Razor BladeMiscHydrocraft11.1false
Box Resistors1 x Box of ResistorsElectricalHydrocraft11.1false
Box Rubber Bungs1 x Box of Rubber BungsAlchemyHydrocraft11.1false
Box Rubberbands1 x Box of RubberbandsMiscHydrocraft11.1false
Box Sewing Pins1 x Box of Sewing PinsMiscHydrocraft11.1false
Box Staples1 x Box of StaplesMiscHydrocraft11.1false
Box Tampons1 x Box of TamponsMiscHydrocraft11.1false
Box Telescope1 x Telescope in BoxLeisureHydrocraft11.1false
Box Test Tube Brushes1 x Box of Test Tube BrushesAlchemyHydrocraft11.1false
Box Test Tubes1 x Box of Glass Test TubesAlchemyHydrocraft11.1false
Box Water Purifying Tablets1 x Box of Water Purifying TabletsHealthHydrocraft11.1false
Box Zipper Bags1 x Box of Zipper BagsMiscHydrocraft11.1false
Break Bottle1 x Broken BottleSurvivalistHydrocraft11.1false
Break Bottle1 x Broken BottleSurvivalistHydrocraft11.1false
Break Pinata1 x Broken PinataLeisureHydrocraft11.1false
Breed Cows1 x Lactating Cow (Female)RanchingHydrocraft11.1Animal Husbandry Textbook
Breed Donkeys1 x Tired Donkey (Female)RanchingHydrocraft11.1Animal Husbandry Textbook
Breed Goats1 x Lactating Goat (Female)RanchingHydrocraft11.1Animal Husbandry Textbook
Breed Horses1 x Tired Horse (Female)RanchingHydrocraft11.1Animal Husbandry Textbook
Breed Pigs1 x Tired Pig (Female)RanchingHydrocraft11.1Animal Husbandry Textbook
Breed Rabbits1 x Hutch with Tired RabbitsRanchingHydrocraft11.1Animal Husbandry Textbook
Breed Sheep1 x Tired Sheep (Female)RanchingHydrocraft11.1Animal Husbandry Textbook
Breed Silkmoths10 x Silkworm EggRanchingHydrocraft11.1Sericulture Textbook
Brew Black Coffee1 x Cup of Black CoffeeCookingHydrocraft11.1false
Brew Black Coffee1 x Cup of Black CoffeeCookingHydrocraft11.1false
Brew Irish Coffee1 x Cup of Irish CoffeeCookingHydrocraft11.1false
Brew Irish Coffee1 x Cup of Irish CoffeeCookingHydrocraft11.1false
Brush Teeth1 x Electric ToothbrushHygieneHydrocraft11.1false
Brush Teeth1 x ToothbrushHygieneHydrocraft11.1false
Build Arc Furnace1 x Arc FurnaceEngineerHydrocraft11.1Welding Textbook
Build Archery Target1 x Archery TargetCarpentryHydrocraft11.1false
Build Battery Array1 x Battery ArrayElectricalHydrocraft11.1Popular Machines Vol 1
Build Beehive1 x Inactive Beehive (Stage 1)CarpentryHydrocraft11.1Apiculture Textbook
Build Biogas Collector1 x Biogas TankEngineerHydrocraft11.1Organic Chemistry Textbook
Build Boulder1 x Large BoulderTerrainHydrocraft11.1false
Build Boulders1 x BouldersTerrainHydrocraft11.1false
Build Brood Box1 x Brood BoxCarpentryHydrocraft11.1Apiculture Textbook
Build Chicken Coop1 x Empty Chicken CoopCarpentryHydrocraft11.1false
Build Clothes Line1 x Clothes LineCarpentryHydrocraft11.1false
Build Compost Bin1 x Compost BinFarmingHydrocraft11.1Gardening Textbook
Build Composter1 x ComposterFarmingHydrocraft11.1Gardening Textbook
Build Distillery1 x DistilleryEngineerHydrocraft11.1Distillation Textbook
Build Double Clothes Line1 x Double Clothes LineCarpentryHydrocraft11.1false
Build Double Water Tower1 x Double Water TowerCarpentryHydrocraft11.1Plumbing Textbook
Build Drawer1 x DrawerCarpentryClassic41false
Build Forest Bed1 x Forest BedCarpentryHydrocraft11.1false
Build Forest Bed1 x Sleeping Bag in BagMiscHydrocraft11.1false
Build Honeycomb Frame1 x Honeycomb FrameCarpentryHydrocraft11.1Apiculture Textbook
Build Hunting Blind1 x Hunting BlindCarpentryHydrocraft11.1false
Build Industrial Furnace1 x Industrial FurnaceEngineerHydrocraft11.1Welding Textbook
Build Infinate Log Stack1 x Infinate Log StackTerrainHydrocraft11.1false
Build Iron Furnace1 x Iron FurnaceEngineerHydrocraft11.1Industrial Mechanics Textbook
Build Makeshift Shower1 x Empty Makeshift ShowerCarpentryHydrocraft11.1false
Build Mechanical Thresher1 x Mechanical ThresherEngineerHydrocraft11.1Industrial Mechanics Textbook
Build Planter1 x PlanterFarmingHydrocraft11.1Gardening Textbook
Build Professional Lab1 x Professional LabEngineerHydrocraft11.1Professional Lab Blueprints
Build Rabbit Hutch1 x Empty Rabbit HutchCarpentryHydrocraft11.1false
Build Roof for Beehive1 x Inactive Beehive (Stage 3)CarpentryHydrocraft11.1Apiculture Textbook
Build Scarecrow Stand1 x Scarecrow StandCarpentryHydrocraft11.1Gardening Textbook
Build Solar Panel1 x Solar PanelElectricalHydrocraft11.1Solar Park Blueprint
Build Solar Park1 x Solar ParkElectricalHydrocraft11.1Popular Machines Vol 1
Build Spiked Baseball Bat1 x Spiked Baseball BatCarpentryClassic41false
Build Spiked Plank1 x Spiked PlankCarpentryClassic41false
Build Spirulina Composter1 x Spirulina ComposterFarmingHydrocraft11.1Spirulina Composter Blueprint
Build Stamp Mill1 x Stamp MillEngineerHydrocraft11.1Stoneworking Textbook
Build Star Chart Board1 x Star Chart BoardCarpentryHydrocraft11.1Astronomy Textbook
Build Steam Boiler1 x Steam BoilerEngineerHydrocraft11.1Industrial Mechanics Textbook
Build Steam Engine1 x Steam EngineEngineerHydrocraft11.1Industrial Mechanics Textbook
Build Steam Machine1 x Steam MachineEngineerHydrocraft11.1Industrial Mechanics Textbook
Build Trading Post1 x Trading PostTradeHydrocraft11.1false
Build Trellis Kit1 x Trellis KitFarmingHydrocraft11.1Better Shelters and Farms
Build Trip Hammer1 x Trip HammerEngineerHydrocraft11.1Industrial Mechanics Textbook
Build Vein1 x Copper VeinTerrainHydrocraft11.1false
Build Vein1 x Lead VeinTerrainHydrocraft11.1false
Build Vein1 x Gold VeinTerrainHydrocraft11.1false
Build Vein1 x Titanium VeinTerrainHydrocraft11.1false
Build Vein1 x Thorium VeinTerrainHydrocraft11.1false
Build Vein1 x Iron VeinTerrainHydrocraft11.1false
Build Vein1 x Silver VeinTerrainHydrocraft11.1false
Build Vein1 x Magnetite VeinTerrainHydrocraft11.1false
Build Vein1 x Uranium VeinTerrainHydrocraft11.1false
Build Vein1 x Tin VeinTerrainHydrocraft11.1false
Build Vein1 x Bauxite VeinTerrainHydrocraft11.1false
Build Vein1 x Platinum VeinTerrainHydrocraft11.1false
Build Vein1 x Pentlandite VeinTerrainHydrocraft11.1false
Build Wagon1 x WagonCarpentryHydrocraft11.1false
Build Water Tower1 x Water TowerCarpentryHydrocraft11.1Plumbing Textbook
Build Windmill1 x Wooden WindmillCarpentryHydrocraft11.1false
Build Wooden Ladder1 x Wooden LadderCarpentryHydrocraft11.1false
Bundle Twigs1 x Bundle of TwigsSurvivalistHydrocraft11.1false
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Updated to PZ Version 41 - Hydrocraft Version 11.1 - ORGM Version Rechambered 3.09.1
Created by Nolan Ritchie
Styling by Steven Wilson