List of All Project Zomboid, Hydrocraft Mod and ORMtnMan's Real Gun Mod (ORGM) Recipes / Crafts

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Recipe Name↑Recipe CreatesCategoryModVersionMust Learn from Book
Add Duct Tape Pouches to Big Hiking Bag1 x Big Hiking Bag (Pouches)EngineerHydrocraft10.0false
Add Duct Tape Pouches to Duffelbag1 x Duffelbag (Pouches)EngineerHydrocraft10.0false
Add Duct Tape Pouches to Normal Hiking Bag1 x Normal Hiking Bag (Pouches)EngineerHydrocraft10.0false
Add Duct Tape Pouches to Schoolbag1 x Schoolbag (Pouches)EngineerHydrocraft10.0false
Add Generator to Treadmill1 x Treadmill with GeneratorEngineerHydrocraft10.0false
Assemble Welding Torch1 x Welding Torch and Gas TankEngineerHydrocraft10.0false
Attach Baskets to Bicycle1 x Bicycle with BasketsEngineerHydrocraft10.0Bicycle Repair Manual
Attach Chisel Head1 x Mining ChiselEngineerHydrocraft10.0false
Attach Drill Head1 x Mining DrillEngineerHydrocraft10.0false
Attach Drill Head1 x Multitool With DrillEngineerHydrocraft10.0false
Attach Grinder Head1 x Mining GrinderEngineerHydrocraft10.0false
Attach Saw1 x Multitool With SawEngineerHydrocraft10.0false
Bend Mason Trowel1 x TrowelEngineerHydrocraft10.0false
Build Arc Furnace1 x Arc FurnaceEngineerHydrocraft10.0Welding Textbook
Build Biogas Collector1 x Biogas TankEngineerHydrocraft10.0Organic Chemistry Textbook
Build Distillery1 x DistilleryEngineerHydrocraft10.0Distillation Textbook
Build Industrial Furnace1 x Industrial FurnaceEngineerHydrocraft10.0Welding Textbook
Build Iron Furnace1 x Iron FurnaceEngineerHydrocraft10.0Industrial Mechanics Textbook
Build Mechanical Thresher1 x Mechanical ThresherEngineerHydrocraft10.0Industrial Mechanics Textbook
Build Professional Lab1 x Professional LabEngineerHydrocraft10.0Professional Lab Blueprints
Build Stamp Mill1 x Stamp MillEngineerHydrocraft10.0Stoneworking Textbook
Build Steam Boiler1 x Steam BoilerEngineerHydrocraft10.0Industrial Mechanics Textbook
Build Steam Engine1 x Steam EngineEngineerHydrocraft10.0Industrial Mechanics Textbook
Build Steam Machine1 x Steam MachineEngineerHydrocraft10.0Industrial Mechanics Textbook
Build Trip Hammer1 x Trip HammerEngineerHydrocraft10.0Industrial Mechanics Textbook
Construct Barbed Wire Barricade1 x Barbed Wire BarricadeEngineerHydrocraft10.0Welding Textbook
Construct Concertina Wire Barricade1 x Concertina Wire BarricadeEngineerHydrocraft10.0Welding Textbook
Construct Sand Bag Barricade1 x Sand Bag BarricadeEngineerHydrocraft10.0false
Craft Bindle using Planks1 x BindleEngineerHydrocraft10.0false
Craft Bindle using Sturdy Sticks1 x BindleEngineerHydrocraft10.0false
Craft Duct Tape Pouch1 x Duct Tape PouchEngineerHydrocraft10.0false
Craft Flamethrower1 x FlamethrowerEngineerHydrocraft10.0Flamethrower Blueprint
Craft Hand Powered Pump1 x Hand Powered PumpEngineerHydrocraft10.0false
Craft Improvised Backpack using Planks1 x Improvised BackpackEngineerHydrocraft10.0false
Craft Improvised Backpack using Sturdy Sticks1 x Improvised BackpackEngineerHydrocraft10.0false
Craft Improvised Handbag using Planks1 x Improvised HandbagEngineerHydrocraft10.0false
Craft Improvised Handbag using Sturdy Sticks1 x Improvised HandbagEngineerHydrocraft10.0false
Craft Improvised Scalpel1 x Improvised ScalpelEngineerHydrocraft10.0false
Craft Pillow Case Backpack1 x Pillowcase BackpackEngineerHydrocraft10.0false
Craft Potato Cannon1 x Potato CannonEngineerHydrocraft10.0Potato Cannon Blueprint
Craft Razor Gloves1 x Razor GlovesEngineerHydrocraft10.0false
Craft Rocket1 x RocketEngineerHydrocraft10.0Rocketry Textbook
Craft Rocket Launcher1 x Rocket LauncherEngineerHydrocraft10.0Rocket Launcher Blueprint
Craft Shoulder Pole using Planks1 x Shoulder PoleEngineerHydrocraft10.0false
Craft Shoulder Pole using Sturdy Sticks1 x Shoulder PoleEngineerHydrocraft10.0false
Craft Slingshot1 x SlingshotEngineerHydrocraft10.0false
Craft Steam Pressure Pot1 x Steam Pressure PotEngineerHydrocraft10.0Steam Pressure Pot Blueprint
Craft Toothbrush Shiv1 x Toothbrush ShivEngineerHydrocraft10.0false
Cut Off Bottle1 x Cut Off Plastic BottleEngineerHydrocraft10.0false
Disassemble Hedge Cutter2 x Hedge Cutter BladeEngineerHydrocraft10.0false
Disassemble Hedge Trimmer1 x Hedge Trimmer BladeEngineerHydrocraft10.0false
Dismantle Bicycle1 x DynamoEngineerHydrocraft10.0Bicycle Repair Manual
Drill Hole in Cork1 x Cork with HoleEngineerHydrocraft10.0false
Drill Hole in Rubber Bung1 x Rubber Bung with HoleEngineerHydrocraft10.0false
Fill Large Junkyard1 x Large Full JunkyardEngineerHydrocraft10.0false
Fill Medium Junkyard1 x Medium Full JunkyardEngineerHydrocraft10.0false
Fill Small Junkyard1 x Small Full JunkyardEngineerHydrocraft10.0false
Fill Smoker1 x Smoker with FuelEngineerHydrocraft10.0Smoking Cookbook
Flatten Trowel1 x Mason TrowelEngineerHydrocraft10.0false
Load Flamethrower1 x Loaded FlamethrowerEngineerHydrocraft10.0false
Load Rocket Launcher1 x Loaded Rocket LauncherEngineerHydrocraft10.0false
Make .223 Bullets1 x Box of .223 BulletsEngineerHydrocraft10.0false
Make .308 Bullets1 x Box of .308 BulletsEngineerHydrocraft10.0false
Make 9mm Bullets1 x Box of 9mm BulletsEngineerHydrocraft10.0false
Make Acid Bath1 x Acid Bath EmptyEngineerHydrocraft10.0Chemistry Textbook
Make Aerosol bomb1 x Aerosol BombEngineerClassic42.1?
Make Ammonal Bomb1 x Ammonal Bomb OffEngineerHydrocraft10.0Anarchist Cookbook
Make Bellows1 x BellowsEngineerHydrocraft10.0Leather Working Textbook
Make Blacksmith Googles1 x Improvised GooglesEngineerHydrocraft10.0Leather Working Textbook
Make Bolt1 x Crossbow BoltsEngineerHydrocraft10.0Archery Textbook
Make Chain1 x ChainEngineerHydrocraft10.0Welding Textbook
Make Chlorgas Grenade1 x Chlorgas GrenadeEngineerHydrocraft10.0Anarchist Cookbook
Make Coin Press1 x Coin PressEngineerHydrocraft10.0Economics Textbook
Make Conveyor Belt1 x Conveyor BeltEngineerHydrocraft10.0Industrial Mechanics Textbook
Make Copper Cooler1 x Copper CoolerEngineerHydrocraft10.0Distillation Textbook
Make Copper Cooling Rack1 x Copper Cooling RackEngineerHydrocraft10.0Appliance Repair Manual
Make Copper Mashpot1 x Copper MashpotEngineerHydrocraft10.0Distillation Textbook
Make Cotton Gin1 x Cotton GinEngineerHydrocraft10.0false
Make Crossbow1 x CrossbowEngineerHydrocraft10.0Archery Textbook
Make Detonator Capsule1 x Detonator Capsule MK1EngineerHydrocraft10.0Anarchist Cookbook
Make Detonator Capsule Parts1 x Detonator Capsule PartsEngineerHydrocraft10.0Anarchist Cookbook
Make Detonator MK11 x Detonator MK1EngineerHydrocraft10.0Anarchist Cookbook
Make Detonatorcapsule with HMTD1 x Detonator Capsule with HMTDEngineerHydrocraft10.0false
Make Dissection Table1 x Dissection TableEngineerHydrocraft10.0Welding Textbook
Make Duct Fan1 x Duct FanEngineerHydrocraft10.0Industrial Mechanics Textbook
Make Duct Tape Fletching1 x Duct Tape FletchingEngineerHydrocraft10.0Duct Tape Fletching Blueprint
Make Dynamite MK11 x Dynamite MK1EngineerHydrocraft10.0false
Make Dynamite MK21 x Dynamite MK2 OffEngineerHydrocraft10.0false
Make Dynamite MK31 x Dynamite MK3 OffEngineerHydrocraft10.0false
Make Electric Piston1 x Electric PistonEngineerHydrocraft10.0Industrial Mechanics Textbook
Make Fan Blade1 x Steel Fan BladeEngineerHydrocraft10.0Industrial Mechanics Textbook
Make Fireproof Suit1 x Fire SuitEngineerHydrocraft10.0false
Make Flame bomb1 x Flame TrapEngineerClassic42.1?
Make Giant Magnet1 x Giant MagnetEngineerHydrocraft10.0Pottery Textbook
Make Improvised Gasmask1 x Improvised GasmaskEngineerHydrocraft10.0Anarchist Cookbook
Make Improvised Googles1 x Improvised GooglesEngineerHydrocraft10.0false
Make Industrial Press1 x Industrial PressEngineerHydrocraft10.0Industrial Mechanics Textbook
Make Iron Blowpipe1 x Iron BlowpipeEngineerHydrocraft10.0false
Make Lamp Shade1 x Lamp ShadeEngineerHydrocraft10.0false
Make Lever1 x LeverEngineerHydrocraft10.0Industrial Mechanics Textbook
Updated to PZ Version 40.34 - Hydrocraft Version 10.5b - ORGM Version Rechambered 3.09.1
Created by Nolan Ritchie
Styling by Steven Wilson