List of All Project Zomboid, Hydrocraft Mod and ORMtnMan's Real Gun Mod (ORGM) Recipes / Crafts

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Recipe Name↑Recipe CreatesCategoryModVersionMust Learn from Book
Take Solid Fuel Cube1 x Solid Fuel CubeMiscHydrocraft11.1false
Take Stick of Gum1 x Stick of Chewing GumCookingHydrocraft11.1false
Take Stick of Gum1 x Stick of Chewing GumCookingHydrocraft11.1false
Take Stick of Gum1 x Stick of Chewing GumCookingHydrocraft11.1false
Thresh Rice1 x Rice with ChaffFarmingHydrocraft11.1Herbalism Textbook
Track Lost Cows1 x BinocularsRanchingHydrocraft11.1false
Track Lost Donkeys1 x BinocularsRanchingHydrocraft11.1false
Track Lost Goats1 x BinocularsRanchingHydrocraft11.1false
Track Lost Horses1 x BinocularsRanchingHydrocraft11.1false
Track Lost Pigs1 x BinocularsRanchingHydrocraft11.1false
Track Lost Sheep1 x BinocularsRanchingHydrocraft11.1false
Travel Over the River1 x Rubber RaftTravelHydrocraft11.1false
Travel to Bedford Falls1 x Toy HelicopterTravelHydrocraft11.1false
Travel to Crossroads1 x Toy HelicopterTravelHydrocraft11.1false
Travel to New Denver1 x Toy HelicopterTravelHydrocraft11.1false
Travel to Riverside1 x Rubber RaftTravelHydrocraft11.1false
Travel to Valley Station1 x Toy HelicopterTravelHydrocraft11.1false
Travel to Valley Station Docks1 x Rubber RaftTravelHydrocraft11.1false
Travel to West Point Docks1 x Rubber RaftTravelHydrocraft11.1false
Treat Wood Plank1 x Treated PlankFirecraftHydrocraft11.1Coal Working Textbook
Turn Ammonalbomb Off1 x Ammonal Bomb OffEngineerHydrocraft11.1false
Turn Ammonalbomb On1 x Ammonal Bomb OnEngineerHydrocraft11.1false
Turn Detonator MK2 Off1 x Detonator MK2 OffEngineerHydrocraft11.1false
Turn Detonator MK2 On1 x Detonator MK2 OnEngineerHydrocraft11.1false
Turn Detonator MK3 Off1 x Detonator MK3 OffEngineerHydrocraft11.1false
Turn Detonator MK3 On1 x Detonator MK3 OnEngineerHydrocraft11.1false
Turn Detonator MK3 with HMTD Off1 x Detonator MK3 with HMTD OffEngineerHydrocraft11.1false
Turn Detonator MK3 with HMTD On1 x Detonator MK3 with HMTD OnEngineerHydrocraft11.1false
Turn Dynamite MK2 Off1 x Dynamite MK2 OffEngineerHydrocraft11.1false
Turn Dynamite MK2 On1 x Dynamite MK2 OnEngineerHydrocraft11.1false
Turn Dynamite MK3 Off1 x Dynamite MK3 OffEngineerHydrocraft11.1false
Turn Dynamite MK3 On1 x Dynamite MK3 OnEngineerHydrocraft11.1false
Turn Napalm Bomb MK2 Off1 x Napalm MK2 OffEngineerHydrocraft11.1false
Turn Napalm Bomb MK2 On1 x Napalm Bomb OnEngineerHydrocraft11.1false
Turn Napalm Bomb MK3 Off1 x Napalm MK3 OffEngineerHydrocraft11.1false
Turn Napalm Bomb MK3 On1 x Napalm Bomb MK3 OnEngineerHydrocraft11.1false
Turn Off Charging Unit1 x Charging Unit (Off)ElectricalHydrocraft11.1Electrical Engineering Textbook
Turn On Dynamo Flashlight1 x Dynamo Flashlight with PowerElectricalHydrocraft11.1false
Turn On Homemade Flashlight1 x Small Homemade Flashlight with PowerElectricalHydrocraft11.1false
Turn on Laser Pointer1 x Laser PointerMiscHydrocraft11.1false
Turn Thermitebomb MK2 Off1 x Thermite Bomb MK2 OffEngineerHydrocraft11.1false
Turn Thermitebomb MK2 On1 x Thermite Bomb MK2 OnEngineerHydrocraft11.1false
Turn Thermitebomb MK3 Off1 x Thermite Bomb MK3 OffEngineerHydrocraft11.1false
Turn Thermitebomb MK3 On1 x Thermite Bomb MK3 OnEngineerHydrocraft11.1false
Un-Lock Combination Safe1 x No ResultLocksmithingHydrocraft11.1false
Un-Lock Safe1 x No ResultLocksmithingHydrocraft11.1false
Unbox .223 Remington cases25 x ORGM_Case_223RemingtonORGMORGMRechambefalse
Unbox .223 Remington rounds25 x ORGM_Ammo_223Remington_HPORGMORGMRechambefalse
Unbox .223 Remington rounds25 x ORGM_Ammo_223Remington_FMJORGMORGMRechambefalse
Unbox .22LR cases100 x ORGM_Case_22LRORGMORGMRechambefalse
Unbox .22LR rounds100 x ORGM_Ammo_22LR_HPORGMORGMRechambefalse
Unbox .22LR rounds100 x ORGM_Ammo_22LR_FMJORGMORGMRechambefalse
Unbox .30-06 Springfield cases20 x ORGM_Case_3006SpringfieldORGMORGMRechambefalse
Unbox .30-06 Springfield rounds20 x ORGM_Ammo_3006Springfield_HPORGMORGMRechambefalse
Unbox .30-06 Springfield rounds20 x ORGM_Ammo_3006Springfield_FMJORGMORGMRechambefalse
Unbox .30-30 Springfield cases20 x ORGM_Case_3030WinchesterORGMORGMRechambefalse
Unbox .30-30 Springfield rounds20 x ORGM_Ammo_3030Winchester_FMJORGMORGMRechambefalse
Unbox .30-30 Springfield rounds20 x ORGM_Ammo_3030Winchester_HPORGMORGMRechambefalse
Unbox .308 Winchester cases20 x ORGM_Case_308WinchesterORGMORGMRechambefalse
Unbox .308 Winchester rounds20 x ORGM_Ammo_308Winchester_FMJORGMORGMRechambefalse
Unbox .308 Winchester rounds20 x ORGM_Ammo_308Winchester_HPORGMORGMRechambefalse
Unbox .32 ACP cases50 x ORGM_Case_32ACPORGMORGMRechambefalse
Unbox .32 ACP rounds50 x ORGM_Ammo_32ACP_FMJORGMORGMRechambefalse
Unbox .32 ACP rounds50 x ORGM_Ammo_32ACP_HPORGMORGMRechambefalse
Unbox .357 Magnum cases50 x ORGM_Case_357MagnumORGMORGMRechambefalse
Unbox .357 Magnum rounds50 x ORGM_Ammo_357Magnum_FMJORGMORGMRechambefalse
Unbox .357 Magnum rounds50 x ORGM_Ammo_357Magnum_HPORGMORGMRechambefalse
Unbox .38 Special cases50 x ORGM_Case_38SpecialORGMORGMRechambefalse
Unbox .38 Special rounds50 x ORGM_Ammo_38Special_HPORGMORGMRechambefalse
Unbox .38 Special rounds50 x ORGM_Ammo_38Special_FMJORGMORGMRechambefalse
Unbox .38 Super cases50 x ORGM_Case_38SuperORGMORGMRechambefalse
Unbox .38 Super Rounds50 x ORGM_Ammo_38Super_FMJORGMORGMRechambefalse
Unbox .38 Super Rounds50 x ORGM_Ammo_38Super_HPORGMORGMRechambefalse
Unbox .380 ACP cases50 x ORGM_Case_380ACPORGMORGMRechambefalse
Unbox .380 ACP rounds50 x ORGM_Ammo_380ACP_FMJORGMORGMRechambefalse
Unbox .380 ACP rounds50 x ORGM_Ammo_380ACP_HPORGMORGMRechambefalse
Unbox .40 S&W cases50 x ORGM_Case_40SWORGMORGMRechambefalse
Unbox .40 S&W rounds50 x ORGM_Ammo_40SW_HPORGMORGMRechambefalse
Unbox .40 S&W rounds50 x ORGM_Ammo_40SW_FMJORGMORGMRechambefalse
Unbox .44 Magnum cases50 x ORGM_Case_44MagnumORGMORGMRechambefalse
Unbox .44 Magnum rounds50 x ORGM_Ammo_44Magnum_FMJORGMORGMRechambefalse
Unbox .44 Magnum rounds50 x ORGM_Ammo_44Magnum_HPORGMORGMRechambefalse
Unbox .45 ACP cases50 x ORGM_Case_45ACPORGMORGMRechambefalse
Unbox .45 ACP Rounds50 x ORGM_Ammo_45ACP_FMJORGMORGMRechambefalse
Unbox .45 ACP Rounds50 x ORGM_Ammo_45ACP_HPORGMORGMRechambefalse
Unbox .45 Colt cases50 x ORGM_Case_45ColtORGMORGMRechambefalse
Unbox .45 Colt rounds50 x ORGM_Ammo_45Colt_HPORGMORGMRechambefalse
Unbox .45 Colt rounds50 x ORGM_Ammo_45Colt_FMJORGMORGMRechambefalse
Unbox .454 Casull cases50 x ORGM_Case_454CasullORGMORGMRechambefalse
Unbox .454 Casull rounds50 x ORGM_Ammo_454Casull_HPORGMORGMRechambefalse
Unbox .454 Casull rounds50 x ORGM_Ammo_454Casull_FMJORGMORGMRechambefalse
Unbox .50 AE cases50 x ORGM_Case_50AEORGMORGMRechambefalse
Unbox .50 AE rounds50 x ORGM_Ammo_50AE_FMJORGMORGMRechambefalse
Unbox .50 AE rounds50 x ORGM_Ammo_50AE_HPORGMORGMRechambefalse
Unbox 10x25mm cases50 x ORGM_Case_10x25mmORGMORGMRechambefalse
Unbox 10x25mm rounds50 x ORGM_Ammo_10x25mm_FMJORGMORGMRechambefalse
Unbox 10x25mm rounds50 x ORGM_Ammo_10x25mm_HPORGMORGMRechambefalse
Unbox 12 gauge cases25 x ORGM_Case_12gORGMORGMRechambefalse
Unbox 12 gauge shells25 x ORGM_Ammo_12g_00BuckORGMORGMRechambefalse
Unbox 12 gauge shells25 x ORGM_Ammo_12g_SlugORGMORGMRechambefalse
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Updated to PZ Version 41 - Hydrocraft Version 11.1 - ORGM Version Rechambered 3.09.1
Created by Nolan Ritchie
Styling by Steven Wilson