2017-02-20 15:35:11
Mick: I can get empty circuit board pieces but nit the whole thing. Which recipe do I need? thanks
2017-02-20 19:07:53
Spiffo: Check elec shops like one in ND near pharm
2017-02-21 01:32:45
Sov: do tired animals after breeding become normal again?
2017-02-21 04:49:26
Spiffo: Yes they do but if it takes more than 48h in game just move them to next cell or keep on urself, its bugged
2017-02-21 06:49:09
Mittens: Ah kay thanks. Another question, is Constantan Ingot craftable? I've read the right books for the recipie I think, but I don't actually have a recipie to make it. (read alloys and bronze working recipie books)
2017-02-21 07:06:18
Sarah: Anybody know what book or skill I need to make a Selfmade Heater? I have all the items, thanks x
2017-02-21 07:56:03
jon: guys, is there a metalworking guide on what is craftable for 36.4 vanilla? Not the hydrocraft mod, but vanilla
2017-02-21 14:13:13
Spiffo: It is craftable if you have nickel and copper ingots but its hard you need blast furnace as well
2017-02-21 14:15:16
Spiffo: If you mean heater for acid bath there is no recipe exist atm. It was reported but not fixed
2017-02-21 14:15:28
Spiffo: altho if you are admin you can spawn it
2017-02-21 14:16:38
Spiffo: There are metal wrking magazines, read it then rightclick ground (same as usual build) and you will see it will appear (walls\crates\floors etc) there will be recipe as well
2017-02-21 17:10:09
Silences: does anyone know where i can find solarpanel blueprint?
2017-02-21 18:24:41
Spiffo: craft it its blueprint..
2017-02-21 21:04:03
Mittens: I have all the materials to make it, but when im at the blast furnace, can't seem to find constantan ingot in craft menu, or by right clicking the blast furnance or stuff
2017-02-21 23:48:51
Cthulhu: How do I get rabbit in a cage for the hutch?
2017-02-22 05:15:43
Spiffo: find 2 rabbits on corn field , craft hutch, craft hutch with rabbits
2017-02-22 13:22:37
Moog: hey anyone know where i can find a lumber saw? ive been all over west point and the farms near the mall
2017-02-22 17:44:51
Österreicher: Lumber saws spawn randomly in tool sheds. I found mine on a random household
2017-02-22 18:31:00
Esbee: Anyone have any tips on leveling metalworking without wasting non-replenishable resources?
2017-02-23 04:16:56
Deadmanwater: Where do I install the mod? Couldn't subscribe properly so have to download it manually