2019-06-21 19:30:49
HeyZeus: does anyone know if hearing aid helps with the DEAF trait at all?
2019-06-21 22:28:53
Jack: Hi all how can i prevent burning when i use the smelter?
2019-06-21 22:29:37
Jack: And know someone how i loose weight??
2019-06-22 05:26:21
Pervy Sage: HeyZeus, no it doesn't do anything for the deaf trait.
2019-06-22 05:26:44
Pervy Sage: Jack to prevent burning you need to make a fire suit.
2019-06-22 05:29:01
Pervy Sage: Jack to loose weight you need to eat less calories than you consume over a long enough time period. So avoid anything high calories, and run, chop trees, kill zombies and the like. Things to eat: Berries, veggies, basically anything you get yourself that's not dairy.
2019-06-22 18:32:15
Jack: Thank you for all your answers. Apreciate it.
2019-06-22 18:33:05
Jack: How can i smith an Smitty hammer when i need one to make it???
2019-06-22 20:06:10
???: You need a copper smithy hammer, which you make with a regular or stone hammer on a stone anvil or better
2019-06-23 02:31:59
???: whats the use of dollar bills ig?
2019-06-23 04:48:18
Jack: U can make an Vendor and buy things for the bills
2019-06-23 04:50:24
Jack: Can lactated cows die because of to much milk??? Or must i milk until its vanished?? I milked the cow for 30 buckets but the lactated status stands.
2019-06-23 07:47:42
Pervy Sage: The cow is on a timer, you can basically get infinite buckets out until that timer goes away.
2019-06-23 07:48:32
Pervy Sage: Money can be used to buy things at a trader outpost and on servers for various other things.
2019-06-23 07:50:00
Pervy Sage: For lactating cows I've not seen it work any other way. Some servers might restrict it to be more realistic.
2019-06-25 01:41:12
john: howdy fellas, ive just started using hydro, any advice on how to get stoneheads? reading the wiki is a tad confusing
2019-06-25 07:45:37
Hasilein: Hey John, your talking about Stone Arrowheads? Chipped Stones, Stone, Hand Chisel. Recept is in the Stoneworking Textbook.
2019-06-25 15:12:29
???: Will the wiki ever receive updated information? There are some things still missing from the wiki that are in Hydrocraft.
2019-06-26 04:03:56
Pervy Sage: ??? that's a good question, that I don't know the answer to.
2019-06-26 17:26:29
Thorlak: Hello, how can i reassemble a large bed, i cant hold the 4 pieces together because of weight and so i wont be able to reassemble it where wanted. Thanks for the answer.