2019-11-12 04:46:30
coy1010: every single item in the project zomboid part of the website does not seem to have recipes. for example: rag with herbal medicine has no recipes on its page but its listed in the all recipes tab. also im getting a ton of PHP errors showing up everywhere
2019-11-12 13:37:43
Hasilein: Realy lookslie i have to work on my own undeniable.info - this one is realy a bit to bugy now.
2020-01-25 20:55:32
Mark: hey... is there a place I can report a mistake? The recipe 'make clay pipe' has a mistake
2020-01-25 20:56:08
Mark: it shows 'clay smoking pipe' as a result
2020-02-28 02:02:43
Jordan: Why doesnt a stone saw work in place of a saw
2020-02-28 02:02:52
Jordan: like if youre trying to dismantle
2020-03-06 17:25:08
aaa: why do recipes not show?
2020-03-06 21:19:11
plant fiber sux: plant fiber only obrainable through raw rice, which is extremely rare. if you can't find a gardening apron, and need to craft it, it takes a stupid amount of flex to be able to craft it. i have lvl 10 in foraging now, and still need 27 more flex units to be able to craft this goddam apron
2020-03-11 22:12:09
Dean: anyone else have the problem that all recipes say "no recipes found" at the bottom? it shows the recipces on my phone but not my pc for some reason... thanks.
2020-03-23 16:23:53
ttr: those who do not see recipes on website - you might try to clean cache/cookies for this website in your browser.
2020-04-02 00:06:35
MrPanda: Hello all. Fixed the cannot craft smithy hammer in HC Beta. Check steam HC Forum
2020-04-02 00:07:26
MrPanda: @plant fiber sux : try gather flora instead of foraging. also, no flex during winter if i remember right
2020-04-05 00:24:49
MrPanda: if anyone is on Hydrocraft Beta, please check steam's comments and forum, i think that we have a problem, Houston.
2020-04-05 00:25:33
MrPanda: Seems a lot of item names have been changed in PZ and not in HC. that s a lot of work. i guess HC team will need help. a lot of it.
2020-04-05 03:17:33
Wamptyes: Hi guys, i have cuestión, can i modify respawn of cars? In cars mod? And if i can, can Tell me how please
2020-04-14 14:43:41
AnuirGalad: Looking for Gardening Apron, mid winter, can€t reasonably forage 72 flax, what constitutes €other in shed areas€?
2020-04-15 03:52:28
MikeJones: Notifying of a pretty big site bug: Selecting any item on the "Item List" no longer shows the recipies it can be used in. It says "No Recipies found". For example, check the item page for Plank.
2020-04-15 09:32:03
MikeJones: ^ The bug above has been fixed. Thanks so much!
2020-05-18 08:40:59
LordDrilldo: Yo how do I use the lawnmower???
2020-05-18 08:42:56
LordDrilldo: Hope everyone is doing well