2018-04-17 14:28:17
Arya: @Maria recipe.php?ID=1925 says you need Eye Dropper and Agar to make Penicilinum
2018-04-19 12:01:08
Arya: about the Hunt Animals recipe - does it actually matter which weapon you use? like, does it increase your chance of success?
2018-04-19 12:04:33
Arya: nvm, I found the answer: https://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php?/topic/15994-ungratefuldeads-hunting-mod/
2018-04-19 17:43:29
Thrandisher: Dont supose there is a way to sift dirt somewhat automaticly? i used to be able to use 2 calendar's to do it, but it gives me a error when it try it now.
2018-04-19 17:44:42
Marie: Hey guys, I have a little question. My plants keep getting ill and they don't recover. It says they don't have enough water, but I can't water them. Is it a bug or something? Thanks in advance
2018-04-19 19:27:10
Arya: normal crops or Planters? were you able to water them before?
2018-04-19 19:30:43
Marie: Normal plants, and yes, in the beginning I even harvested a lot but since 2 or 3 days they are immediately ill and wither..
2018-04-19 19:34:05
Arya: do you know about treating plant diseases? Mildew, Insects, Fungi?
2018-04-19 19:51:02
Marie: Yes sure. But it clearly says they are withering and I'm not able to water the, OR treat them...
2018-04-19 20:31:38
Arya: okay, that's probably a bug, I never saw that happen before
2018-04-19 20:58:03
Arya: what is your date? which month?
2018-04-19 21:23:27
Richtea: Hey folks are you able to ride bicycles in the game? if so how?
2018-04-19 22:03:12
Thrandisher: Nope, cant ride the bike. Only for storage or to use to make a advance item iirc
2018-04-20 14:13:57
Robin: Does anyone know the use of a cellar?
2018-04-20 15:30:55
Arya: there is almost no information about the cellar in any forum, but there was one single post that said it is only a storage container, it has no food preserving effect
2018-04-20 20:56:12
Confused: Where do you get raw rice?
2018-04-20 21:20:08
Arya: I guess when you harvest a rice plant (Small Potted Rice)
2018-04-21 04:41:48
Confused: That was a vague queston so let me ask again, where do you find the seeds to produce raw rice cause i can't seem to find any foragaing?
2018-04-21 11:28:19
Arya: in normal US woods and meadows rice doesn't grow, so that's why you dont find any with foraging. as far as I can tell you can only acquire rice seeds with Mystery Seeds Packets
2018-04-21 11:31:14
Arya: that means about 1/75 chance of finding rice seeds in one packet