2019-09-19 10:23:29
bigby: @george: there is a katana mod, those can be repaired, i dont think vanilla katana can be repaired, though there might be a mod
2019-09-20 01:56:25
George: @bigby Thanks for the reply. Now with the gameplay tab reload options. How goes that work for multiplayer?
2019-09-20 03:23:17
George: Anyway to get vehicles to not slow down soo much when running into zombies?
2019-09-20 19:45:11
MrPanda: concerning slowdown when driving over zombies, i tried with minimum damage / weak zombies / fast driver etc... no can do. the car WILL slow down, and almost stop if too many are hit. we need a way to add blades and madmax stuff on our cars...
2019-10-02 16:06:36
MrPanda: test
2019-10-02 19:39:09
Duane: When making an empty bee smoker, it wants 2 tin cans... I have 32 of them, but none work. Do I specifically need 2 that were from cranberries? Or am I missing something? Recipe won't work as it says I am missing the 2 tin cans.. thx
2019-10-02 19:47:44
MrPanda: I had that once, the tin can thing. maybe it had to do with the label. i had the option to take out the label of the tin can, and if i remember right, it did the trick
2019-10-02 19:50:52
MrPanda: @Hasilein : the anarchist book is a new thing ? chances to make it spawn in a non visited place ?
2019-10-02 19:52:11
MrPanda: @All : i m currently collecting info on different types of wooden floors. it s undocumented to what i know. how many different types are there ? any hint on the script that contains all that ?
2019-10-02 20:11:42
Duane: @MrPanda - thanks.. that was it! thanks to @Hasilein for that tip..
2019-10-02 20:13:16
Duane: Are there any herbal sleep remedies like sleeping pills?
2019-10-03 23:19:47
Duane: Anyone know what the primary inventory weight reduction is on a wagon with oxen when in follower mode?
2019-10-04 09:38:12
Hasilein: @MrPanda: if its here on undeniable then its old. because this tool works with hcv10.0
2019-10-04 09:43:01
Hasilein: @Duane no herbal sleeping pills as i know - so no
2019-10-04 09:51:12
Hasilein: @MrPanda - 2: try remove book cover .. 1-200
2019-10-09 16:35:05
Ganj: hey guys, İs solar panel still bugged or they fixed it
2019-10-10 14:47:13
Kyle: Anyone know how does Lava lamp works
2019-10-11 01:48:08
???: what is error 2
2019-10-13 05:53:54
Noah: Does anyone know if you can make hemp seeds or plant a hemp bud
2019-10-14 11:22:33
Hasilein: Yes you can. 1. Build the gardening workbench, 2. build a planter, 3. ger hemp seeds from mysic seed packages - plant - grow harvest - cure - smoke in pipe