List of All Project Zomboid, Hydrocraft Mod and ORMtnMan's Real Gun Mod (ORGM) Recipes / Crafts

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Recipe Name↑Recipe CreatesCategoryModVersionMust Learn from Book
Butcher Carcass5 x Black FeatherSurvivalistHydrocraft9.6Butcher's Cookbook
Butcher Carcass2 x White FeatherSurvivalistHydrocraft9.6Butcher's Cookbook
Butcher Carcass12 x Brown FeatherSurvivalistHydrocraft9.6Butcher's Cookbook
Butcher Carcass2 x HCBluejayfeathersSurvivalistHydrocraft9.6Butcher's Cookbook
Butcher Carcass1 x Fox SkeletonSurvivalistHydrocraft9.6Butcher's Cookbook
Butcher Rabbit1 x Rabbit MeatCookingClassic38.22false
Butcher Small Animal1 x Small Animal MeatCookingClassic38.22false
Butcher Turtle1 x Small Animal MeatCookingHydrocraft9.6false
Butcher Turtle2 x Small Animal MeatCookingHydrocraft9.6false
Buy Axe1 x AxeTradeHydrocraft9.6false
Buy Baseball Bat1 x Baseball BatTradeHydrocraft9.6false
Buy Bowl1 x BowlTradeHydrocraft9.6false
Buy Box of Nails1 x Box of NailsTradeHydrocraft9.6false
Buy Can Opener1 x Can OpenerTradeHydrocraft9.6false
Buy Canned Beans1 x Canned BeansTradeHydrocraft9.6false
Buy Compass1 x CompassTradeHydrocraft9.6false
Buy Down Jacket1 x Down JacketTradeHydrocraft9.6false
Buy Hammer1 x HammerTradeHydrocraft9.6false
Buy Jack Knife1 x Jack KnifeTradeHydrocraft9.6false
Buy Kitchen Knife1 x Kitchen KnifeTradeHydrocraft9.6false
Buy Lighter1 x LighterTradeHydrocraft9.6false
Buy Map1 x MapTradeHydrocraft9.6false
Buy Pack of Garbage Bag1 x Garbage BagTradeHydrocraft9.6false
Buy Pack of Toilet Paper1 x Toiletpaper PackTradeHydrocraft9.6false
Buy Raincoat1 x RaincoatTradeHydrocraft9.6false
Buy Saw1 x SawTradeHydrocraft9.6false
Buy School Bag1 x SchoolbagTradeHydrocraft9.6false
Buy Screwdriver1 x ScrewdriverTradeHydrocraft9.6false
Buy Trowel1 x TrowelTradeHydrocraft9.6false
Buy Water Bottle1 x Water BottleTradeHydrocraft9.6false
Carve Jack-O-Lantern1 x Green Jack-O-LanternLeisureHydrocraft9.6false
Carve Jack-O-Lantern1 x White Jack-O-LanternLeisureHydrocraft9.6false
Carve Jack-O-Lantern1 x Jack-O-LanternLeisureHydrocraft9.6false
Carve Toy Horse1 x Toy HorseCarpentryHydrocraft9.6Toy Making Textbook
Carve Wooden Bird Call1 x Bird CallCarpentryHydrocraft9.6Bird Fieldguide
Carve Wooden Bowl1 x BowlCarpentryHydrocraft9.6false
Carve Wooden Duck Call1 x Duck CallCarpentryHydrocraft9.6Bird Fieldguide
Carve Wooden Flute1 x Wood FluteCarpentryHydrocraft9.6Music Textbook
Catch Bugs1 x Magnifying GlassSurvivalistHydrocraft9.6Entomology Textbook
Clean Bandage1 x BandageHealthClassic38.22false
Clean Bottle1 x Clean Plastic BottleAlchemyHydrocraft9.6false
Clean Diaper1 x DiaperHealthHydrocraft9.6false
Clean Dissection Table1 x Dissection TableHealthHydrocraft9.6Anatomy Textbook
Clean Empty Ammonia Can1 x Empty Plastic CanAlchemyHydrocraft9.6false
Clean Empty Blue Barrel1 x Empty Blue BarrelAlchemyHydrocraft9.6false
Clean Empty Glass Bottle1 x Empty Glass BottleAlchemyHydrocraft9.6false
Clean Empty Insecticide Can1 x Empty Plastic CanAlchemyHydrocraft9.6false
Clean Empty Liquid Soap Can1 x Empty Plastic CanMiscHydrocraft9.6false
Clean Empty Metal Barrel1 x Empty Metal BarrelAlchemyHydrocraft9.6false
Clean Menstrual Pad1 x Menstrual PadHealthHydrocraft9.6false
Clean Petri Dish1 x Petri DishHealthHydrocraft9.6Microbiology Textbook
Clean Platine1 x Empty Circuit BoardElectricalHydrocraft9.6false
Clean Rag1 x Ripped SheetsHealthClassic38.22false
Close Anti-Depression Pill Box1 x Bottle of Anti-Depression PillsHealthHydrocraft9.6false
Close Beta Blocker Pill Box1 x Beta Blocker PillsHealthHydrocraft9.6false
Close Umbrella1 x Closed UmbrellaMiscHydrocraft9.6false
Collect Bee1 x HoneybeeFarmingHydrocraft9.6Apiculture Textbook
Collect Bees2 x HoneybeeFarmingHydrocraft9.6Apiculture Textbook
Collect New Queen Bee1 x Queen HoneybeeFarmingHydrocraft9.6Apiculture Textbook
Connect Glass Balloon to Beaker with Water1 x Glass Baloon and WaterbeakerAlchemyHydrocraft9.6false
Construct Barbed Wire Barricade1 x Barbed Wire BarricadeEngineerHydrocraft9.6Welding Textbook
Construct Brick Pillar1 x Brick PillarMasonryHydrocraft9.6Masonry Textbook
Construct Cellar1 x CellarStoneworkingHydrocraft9.6Stoneworking Textbook
Construct Concertina Wire Barricade1 x Concertina Wire BarricadeEngineerHydrocraft9.6Welding Textbook
Construct Grindstone1 x GrindstoneStoneworkingHydrocraft9.6Stoneworking Textbook
Construct Log Barricade1 x Log BarricadeCarpentryHydrocraft9.6false
Construct Log Pillar1 x Log PillarCarpentryHydrocraft9.6false
Construct Oil Press1 x Oil PressStoneworkingHydrocraft9.6Stoneworking Textbook
Construct Sand Bag Barricade1 x Sand Bag BarricadeEngineerHydrocraft9.6false
Construct Stone Pillar1 x Stone PillarStoneworkingHydrocraft9.6Stoneworking Textbook
Construct Tar Kiln1 x Tar KilnStoneworkingHydrocraft9.6Stoneworking Textbook
Construct Well1 x Empty WellStoneworkingHydrocraft9.6Stoneworking Textbook
Cook Ammonal1 x Dry AmmonalAlchemyHydrocraft9.6Anarchist Cookbook with Private Note
Cook Blue Meth5 x Bakingtray with Blue MethAlchemyHydrocraft9.6Blue Meth Research
Cook Empty Silk Cocoon1 x Silk FilamentWeavingHydrocraft9.6Sericulture Textbook
Cook Fried Rice1 x Bowl of Fried RiceCookingHydrocraft9.6false
Cook Pot of Chili1 x Pot of ChiliCookingHydrocraft9.6false
Cook Pot of Rice and Beans1 x Pot of Rice and BeansCookingHydrocraft9.6false
Cook Pot of Rice Pudding1 x Pot of Rice PuddingCookingHydrocraft9.6false
Cook Pot of Vegtable Oil1 x Pot of Cooked Vegetable OilAlchemyHydrocraft9.6Biodiesel Textbook
Cook Raw Opium1 x Opium PowderAlchemyHydrocraft9.6Opium Medical Research
Cook Risotto1 x RisottoCookingHydrocraft9.6false
Cool Beaker with Hydrogen Peroxide1 x Cold Beaker With Hydrogen PeroxideAlchemyHydrocraft9.6HMTD Chemical Research
Cool Beaker with Hydrogen Peroxide and Hexamethylentetramin1 x Cold Beaker With Hydrogen Peroxide and HexamethylentetraminAlchemyHydrocraft9.6HMTD Chemical Research
Cool Beaker with Hydrogen Peroxide Hexamethylentetramin and Citric Acid1 x Beaker With HMTD FoamAlchemyHydrocraft9.6HMTD Chemical Research
Crack Nuts1 x Peeled ChestnutCookingHydrocraft9.6false
Crack Nuts1 x Peeled Hickory NutsCookingHydrocraft9.6false
Craft Axe Handle1 x Axe HandleCarpentryHydrocraft9.6false
Craft Baseball Bat1 x Baseball BatCarpentryHydrocraft9.6false
Craft Baseballbat with Barbed Wire1 x Baseballbat with Barbed WireCarpentryHydrocraft9.6false
Craft Baseballbat with Hedge Cutter Blade1 x Baseballbat with Hedge Cutter BladeCarpentryHydrocraft9.6false
Craft Baseballbat with Hedge Trimmer Blade1 x Baseballbat with Hedge Trimmer BladeCarpentryHydrocraft9.6false
Craft Baseballbat with Screws1 x Baseballbat with ScrewsCarpentryHydrocraft9.6false
Craft Baseballbat with Tent Pegs1 x Baseballbat with Tent PegsCarpentryHydrocraft9.6false
Craft Baseballbat with Wrench1 x Baseballbat with WrenchCarpentryHydrocraft9.6false
Craft Bindle using Planks1 x BindleEngineerHydrocraft9.6false
Craft Bindle using Sturdy Sticks1 x BindleEngineerHydrocraft9.6false
Craft Bone Dice1 x Bone DiceLeisureHydrocraft9.6Boneworking Textbook
Craft Bone Shiv1 x Bone ShivSurvivalistHydrocraft9.6Boneworking Textbook
Craft Club1 x ClubCarpentryHydrocraft9.6false
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Updated to PZ Version 38.22 - Hydrocraft Version 9.6 - ORGM Version 1.3
Created by Nolan Ritchie
Styling by Steven Wilson