List of All Project Zomboid, Hydrocraft Mod and ORMtnMan's Real Gun Mod (ORGM) Recipes / Crafts

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Recipe Name↑Recipe CreatesCategoryModVersionMust Learn from Book
Add Private Notes to Anarchist Cookbook1 x Anarchist CookbookResearchHydrocraft9.6Anarchist Cookbook
Add Private Notes to Anarchist Cookbook1 x Anarchist Cookbook with Private NoteResearchHydrocraft9.6Anarchist Cookbook
Add Private Notes to Anarchist Cookbook1 x Anarchist Cookbook with Private NoteResearchHydrocraft9.6Anarchist Cookbook
Make Bone Arrowhead Blueprint1 x Bone Arrowhead BlueprintResearchHydrocraft9.6false
Make Cage Trap Blueprint1 x Cage Trap BlueprintResearchHydrocraft9.6false
Make Crate Trap Blueprint1 x Crate Trap BlueprintResearchHydrocraft9.6false
Make Duct Tape Fletching Blueprint1 x Duct Tape Fletching BlueprintResearchHydrocraft9.6false
Make Fishing Net Blueprint1 x Fishing Net BlueprintResearchHydrocraft9.6false
Make Fishing Rod Blueprint1 x Fishing Rod BlueprintResearchHydrocraft9.6false
Make Flamethrower Blueprint1 x Flamethrower BlueprintResearchHydrocraft9.6false
Make Hazmat Suit Blueprint1 x Hazmat Suit BlueprintResearchHydrocraft9.6false
Make Mousetrap Blueprint1 x Mousetrap BlueprintResearchHydrocraft9.6false
Make Nail Trap Blueprint1 x Nail Trap BlueprintResearchHydrocraft9.6false
Make Potato Cannon Blueprint1 x Potato Cannon BlueprintResearchHydrocraft9.6false
Make Primative Research Station1 x Primative Research StationResearchHydrocraft9.6false
Make Rocket Launcher Blueprint1 x Rocket Launcher BlueprintResearchHydrocraft9.6false
Make Snare Trap Blueprint1 x Snare Trap BlueprintResearchHydrocraft9.6false
Make Spirulina Composter Blueprint1 x Spirulina Composter BlueprintResearchHydrocraft9.6false
Make Steam Pressure Pot Blueprint1 x Steam Pressure Pot BlueprintResearchHydrocraft9.6false
Make Stick Trap Blueprint1 x Stick Trap BlueprintResearchHydrocraft9.6false
Make Taxadermy Jackalope Blueprint1 x Taxadermy Jackalope BlueprintResearchHydrocraft9.6false
Make Trap Box Blueprint1 x Trap Box BlueprintResearchHydrocraft9.6false
Research Ammonal1 x Ammonal Chemical ResearchResearchHydrocraft9.6false
Research Anti-Depression Medication1 x Anti-Depression Medical ResearchResearchHydrocraft9.6Pharmacology Textbook
Research Antibiotics1 x Antibiotics Medical ResearchResearchHydrocraft9.6Pharmacology Textbook
Research Battery Array1 x Solar Park BlueprintResearchHydrocraft9.6false
Research Beta Blocker Medication1 x Beta Blocker Medical ResearchResearchHydrocraft9.6?
Research Birch Bark Basket1 x Birch Bark Basket TabletResearchHydrocraft9.6false
Research Blue Meth1 x Blue Meth ResearchResearchHydrocraft9.6Crystal Meth Research
Research Bunch of Berries1 x Bunch of Berries TabletResearchHydrocraft9.6false
Research Bunch of Mushrooms1 x Bunch of Mushrooms TabletResearchHydrocraft9.6false
Research Carbon Nanofibers1 x Carbon Fiber Chemical ResearchResearchHydrocraft9.6false
Research Crystal Meth1 x Crystal Meth ResearchResearchHydrocraft9.6Pharmacology Textbook
Research Ether1 x Ether Medical ResearchResearchHydrocraft9.6?
Research HMTD1 x HMTD Chemical ResearchResearchHydrocraft9.6false
Research Injections1 x Injection ResearchResearchHydrocraft9.6Medical Textbook
Research Opium1 x Opium Medical ResearchResearchHydrocraft9.6Pharmacology Textbook
Research Painkillers1 x Painkillers Medical ResearchResearchHydrocraft9.6Pharmacology Textbook
Research Professional Lab1 x Professional Lab BlueprintsResearchHydrocraft9.6Science Textbook
Research Skinning Animals1 x Skinning Animals ResearchResearchHydrocraft9.6false
Research Skinning Animals1 x Skin Animal TabletResearchHydrocraft9.6false
Research Stick Trap1 x Stick Trap TabletResearchHydrocraft9.6false
Research Straw Basket1 x Straw Basket TabletResearchHydrocraft9.6false
Research Wicker Basket1 x Wicker Basket TabletResearchHydrocraft9.6false
Updated to PZ Version 38.22 - Hydrocraft Version 9.6 - ORGM Version 1.3
Created by Nolan Ritchie
Styling by Steven Wilson