List of All Project Zomboid, Hydrocraft Mod and ORMtnMan's Real Gun Mod (ORGM) Items

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Item Name↑Code NameVersionTypeCategoryMod
3D GlassesHC3Dglasses7.6NormalCinemaHydrocraft
Cinema TicketHCCinematicket7.6NormalCinemaHydrocraft
Movie Film CanHCFilmcan7.6NormalCinemaHydrocraft
Movie Film RollHCMovieroll7.6NormalCinemaHydrocraft
Movie ProjectorHCProjector7.6NormalCinemaHydrocraft
Updated to PZ Version 38.22 - Hydrocraft Version 9.6 - ORGM Version 1.3
Created by Nolan Ritchie
Styling by Steven Wilson