List of All Project Zomboid Traits

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Trait Name↑Code NameDescriptionCost
Axe ManAxemanBetter at chopping trees.Faster axe swing.0
HandyHandyFaster and stronger constructions.8
BraveBraveLess prone to becoming panicked.4
CowardlyCowardlyEspecially prone to becoming panicked.-2
ClumsyClumsyMakes more noise when moving.-2
GracefulGracefulMakes less noise when moving.4
HypochondriacHypercondriacMay develop infection symptoms without having been infected.-2
Short SightedShortSightedSmaller view distance.Slower visibility fade.-2
Hard of HearingHardOfHearingSmaller perception radius.Smaller hearing range.-2
DeafDeafCan't hear sound.-12
Keen HearingKeenHearingLarger perception radius.6
Eagle EyedEagleEyedFaster visibility fade.Higher visibility arc.6
Hearty AppetiteHeartyAppititeNeeds to eat more regularly.-4
Light EaterLightEaterNeeds to eat less regularly.4
Thick SkinnedThickSkinnedLess chance of scratches or bites breaking the skin.6
UnfitUnfitVery low endurance, very low endurance regeneration.-10
Out of ShapeOut of ShapeLow endurance, low endurance regeneration.-6
Out of ShapeOutofShapeLow endurance, low endurance regeneration.-6
AthleticAthleticFaster running speed.Can run for longer without tiring.10
NutritionistNutritionistCan see the nutritional values of any food.4
NutritionistNutritionist2Can see the nutritional values of any food.0
EmaciatedEmaciatedLow strength, low endurance and prone to injury.-10
Very UnderweightVery UnderweightVery low strength, very low endurance and prone to injury.-10
UnderweightUnderweightLow strength, low endurance and prone to injury.-6
OverweightOverweightReduced running speed, low endurance and prone to injury.-6
SmokerSmokerStress and unhappiness decrease after smoking tobacco. Unhappiness rises when tobacco is not smoked.-4
ObeseObeseReduced running speed, very low endurance and prone to injury.-10
StrongStrongExtra knockback from melee weapons.Increased carrying weight.10
StoutStoutExtra knockback from melee weapons.Increased carrying weight.6
WeakWeakLess knockback from melee weapons.Decreased carrying weight.-10
FeebleFeebleLess knockback from melee weapons.Decreased carrying weight.-6
ResilientResilientLess prone to disease.Slower rate of zombification.4
Prone to IllnessProneToIllnessMore prone to disease.Faster rate of zombification.-4
AgoraphobicAgoraphobicGets panicked when outdoors.-4
ClaustrophobicClaustophobicGets panicked when indoors.-4
LuckyLuckySometimes, things just go your way.4
UnluckyUnluckyWhat could go wrong for you, often does.-4
MarksmanMarksmanImproved gun accuracy.Quicker reload.0
Night OwlNightOwlRequires little sleep.Stays extra alert even when sleeping.0
OutdoorsmanOutdoorsmanNot affected by harsh weather conditions.2
Fast HealerFastHealerRecovers quickly from injuries and illness6
Fast LearnerFastLearnerIncreased XP gains6
Fast ReaderFastReaderTakes less time to read books2
Adrenaline JunkieAdrenalineJunkieMoves faster when highly panicked8
InconspicuousInconspicuousLess likely to be spotted by zombies4
WakefulNeedsLessSleepNeeds less sleep2
Cat's EyesNightVisionBetter vision at night2
OrganizedOrganizedIncreased container inventory capacity6
Low ThirstLowThirstNeeds less water to survive6
Self Defense ClassSelfDefenseClass6
First AiderFirstAid4
Slow HealerSlowHealerRecovers slowly from injuries and illness-6
Slow LearnerSlowLearnerDecreased XP gains-6
Slow ReaderSlowReaderTakes longer to read books-2
SleepyheadNeedsMoreSleepNeeds more sleep-4
ConspicuousConspicuousMore likely to be spotted by zombies-4
DisorganizedDisorganizedDecreased container inventory capacity-4
High ThirstHighThirstNeeds more water to survive-6
IlliterateIlliterateCannot read books-8
Restless SleeperInsomniacSlow loss of tiredness while sleeping-6
PacifistPacifistLess effective with weapons-4
Thin-skinnedThinskinnedCarries heightened risk of infection-6
DextrousDextrousTransfers inventory items quickly2
All ThumbsAllThumbsTransfers inventory items slowly-2
DesensitizedDesensitizedDoes not reach states of panic0
Weak StomachWeakStomachHigher chance to have food illness-3
Iron GutIronGutLess chance to have food illness3
HemophobicHemophobicPanic when performing first aid on self, cannot perform first aid on others-3
CookCook2Know cooking0
AsthmaticAsthmaticFaster endurance loss-5
HerbalistHerbalistCan find medicinal herbs and craft medicines and poultices from them.6
Former ScoutFormerscout6
Baseball PlayerBaseballPlayer4
CookCookKnow cooking recipes6
Updated to PZ Version 41.65 - Hydrocraft Version B41 Beta - ORGM Version Rechambered 3.09.1
Created by Nolan Ritchie
Styling by Steven Wilson