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A list of all Items in 7 Days to Die

A list of all Items in 7 Days to Die

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Item Name↓Code NameIDDesc
Yucca JuicefoodYuccaJuice702Yucca juice can cool you hydrate you and give you the stamina of a sexual tyrannosaurus.
Yucca FruitfoodYuccaFruit701Yucca fruit is edible and can be harvested from cacti.
Vegetable StewvegetableStew758Your mom always said eat your vegetables. Now's your chance to make her happy and guess what? They're good for you.
Rotting FleshrottingFlesh736You can eat it but you probably should not.
Red TearedTea783An ancient Chinese secret red tea is known for its natural cooling stamina and re-hydration effects.
Raw MeatrawMeat735Meat can be eaten raw but is better charred grilled boiled or made into stews at a campfire. Can attract zombies if carried.
Potato SeedspotatoSeed1411Plant potato tubers - seeds in layman terms - in fertile dirt to grow potato plants.
Potatopotato750Potatoes can be eaten crafted into seeds or used in several recipes at the campfire.
Old Sham SandwichshamSandwich732A really old sham sandwich made by Shamway. It will take away the hunger but there's a risk that comes with it.
Mushroomsmushrooms757Mushrooms can be safely eaten uncooked or used in several recipes at the campfire.
Moldy BreadmoldyBread731Eat at your own risk. Can be used to craft antibiotics at a campfire with a beaker.
Meat StewmeatStew740A survivor isn't worth his salt if he can't make a meat stew. Raises wellness too!
Large Beef RationcanBeef706It's not from your favorite steakhouse but this can of beef will fill you up. Bon appetit!
Jar of HoneyfoodHoney700Honey is one of mother nature's miracles it restores stamina gives wellness & can cure the first stage of an infection.
Grilled MeatgrilledMeat738Meat! Meat on fire! Good! Nutritious filling and will boost your wellness. Can attract zombies if carried.
Goldenrod SeedgoldenrodSeed1415Plant these seeds in fertile dirt to grow goldenrod flowers which can be harvested to make tea.
Golden Rod TeagoldenRodTea782Got dysentery? This bottle of sweet goldenrod tea will cure it.
Eggegg752Eggs can be eaten raw but should be cooked. Used in several campfire recipes
Ear of Corncorn727An ear of corn can be eaten or used to make corn seed corn meal corn on the cob stews and more.
Corn SeedcornSeed1410Plant corn seeds in fertile dirt to grow corn and get corn fed.
Corn on the CobcornOnTheCob728Corn on the cob can fill you up and up your wellness.
Corn BreadcornBread730A piece of corn bread can fill you up and improve your wellness.
Cooking GrillcookingGrill1442A cooking utensil used in the campfire to unlock recipes.
Coffee BeanscoffeeBeans1413Brew coffee at a campfire or plant the beans in fertile dirt to grow coffee plants.
Coffeecoffee786Coffee gives you energy keeps your stamina up and helps you stay warm for a limited time.
Charred MeatcharredMeat737Charred meat is better than raw meat. It will dehydrate you but boost your wellness. Can attract zombies if carried.
Can of Murky WatercanMurkyWater775Not so appealing but it will have to do. Can be boiled at camfire to purify it.
Can of HamcanHam723A can of high quality Shamway ham the number 1 maker of meat-like products. The lunch of champions.
Can of Cat FoodcanCatfood711A can of Meow Chow is a delicacy. For cats. You are not eating this are you?
Bottled WaterbottledWater780Fresh bottled water. Well as fresh as you can get in the apocalypse.
Bottled Murky WaterbottledRiverWater779Disgusting murky water but it's the apocalypse. You can't be picky. Boil at a campfire to purify it.
Boiled WatercanBoiledWater776Boiled water is safe to drink. Probably.
Boiled MeatboiledMeat739While not as yummy as grilled meat boiling the meat makes it the least noticeable for zombies.
Boiled Eggeggboiled753A boiled egg can fill you up and offers a small wellness boost.
Blueberry SeedsblueberrySeed1412Plant blueberry seeds in fertile dirt to grow blueberry plants.
Blueberry PieblueberryPie754This homemade blueberry pie is nutritious and raises your wellness. Mmm...just like Grandma used to make.
Blueberriesblueberries751Blueberries can be eaten used to make pies or turned into blueberry seeds.
Beerbeer787Gain stamina bravado and a big ego all in one bottle of this tasty home brewed beer. Just like grandpa used to make.
Baked PotatobakedPotato755A nutritious baked potato full of carbohydrates. Great for couch potatoes too.
Bacon and EggsbaconAndEggs756Bacon and eggs will really fill you up and boost your wellness. Cholesterol is the least of your worries now.
Animal FatanimalFat1363Animal fat can be cooked down to tallow at a campfire. This is used for making candles torches and flaming arrows.
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