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These are level packs you can download through the Freedom Physics game

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Level Pack List

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1018Gum Ball Claw Machine
Created by Nolan

DESCRIPTION: its a claw machine with some controls you can use to grab the gum balls. ball goes thru elaborate path before trying to make a shot into a far away basket

this single level will download to your Random Stuff levelpack
1017The Titanic Sinks
Created by Nolan

DESCRIPTION: Hope on this titanic sinking simulation.
watch as the ship doomed to sink slowly meets its end
1016Red Rocket
Created by Nolan

DESCRIPTION: Various levels using the red rocket ship
1015Lil Canon Car
Created by Nolan

DESCRIPTION: DESCRIPTION: Use the arrow keys to control your canon car
up & down to aim
left and right to move
space to fire & right alt to jump
find the level goal follow the arrows
Created by Nolan

DESCRIPTION: A few levels where you control a hoverboard that must carry a dummy stick man from point A to point B without dropping him.
You need to "Toss" the stick man onto the destination platform and not simply land on it with the hover-board.
1013Two Player Levels #1
Created by Nolan

DESCRIPTION: Level(s) that are multiplayer intended in the sense that they are made to be played with 2 people and require 2 display screens and 2 xbox controllers.
1012Random Stuff#1
Created by Nolan

DESCRIPTION: A bunch of different various levels with no common theme.
Just good fun messing around.
1011Block Builder
Created by Nolan

DESCRIPTION: The idea here is that you only have access to the hand tool in game. And you use it to try and pick up and move the included objects/blocks and try to build a tower / structure.
Much like when you played with wooden toy blocks as a kid, though this time its easier to clean up afterwards...
1010Be The Ball
Created by Nolan

DESCRIPTION: you simply control a ball with your keyboard arrows and try to reach the end goal without falling out of the level or touching obviously harmful objects.
The up arrow key is a big jump and the down arrow key lets you do a smaller jump.
1009Making Bases
Created by Nolan

DESCRIPTION: This level has not so much in the way of a goal / purpose.
There are multiple objects which can be controlled and secondary display enabled to follow one of them.
The only Idea is to simple control your character and check out the "base" on each side.
Some have switches to open/close doors, booby traps and even an escalator that is the main entrance into the base.
1006Angry Balls
Created by Nolan

DESCRIPTION: Much like the idea of angry bird, you control a canon and must destroy the enemy angry balls on the other side of the level.
Though in this case, the enemies might be firing back at you as well.

Downloading Level Packs

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To download you only need to find the 4 digit Download Code from here and enter that into the Freedom Physics Application on the main menu.
You do not need to Register or Login to just download other peoples Level Packs. But you do need to if you want to rate them.

Uploading / Sharing your Level Packs

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To upload and share your level packs you have created here you will need to have a create an account and login.
Then you can go to this upload page to submit a level pack

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Disclaimer: Note that these level packs are created by other users and the quality and play-ability of each will vary.
Each submission is owned / edited and maintained by the submitter
Improperly created levels could easily freeze the game and or possibly cause damage to your machine, use at your own risk.

Created by Nolan Ritchie