Project Zomboid Map and Character Backup Tool

Installation / Setup:
This tool can be used on single player or on any kind of multiplayer even Easy PZ Steam hosting.
To setup the tool you just need to extract the zip you downloaded anywhere you want, then open the settings.txt file and paste the path to your map folder. For example if your using steam and playing on single player your path would look something like this:
C:\Users\{your username here}\Zomboid\Saves\Sandbox\{your game save name here}\
So replace your path to your map folder with the one found in the settings.txt but MAKE SURE you leave the semicolon at the end of the line AND leave the space between your path and the semicolon.
If you get missing dll errors, you need to install the Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013

Option 1) Fix Loot Respawns
This option will let you choose any or all of the parts of the map you have added with option 2) And refresh those parts of the map to as they would be after a hard reset.

Option 2) Add Spawn Points
This option will ask you for a name to indentify the area of the map chosen, for example a building like the Giga mart. Then it will ask you for the X and Y Coordinates for the area you just named. And Save it to spawnpoints.txt Which you can then use Option 1) to refresh this area of the map anytime. Exact instructions on entering coordinates here.

Option 3) Backup Chunks
This option will ask you for a name to call the backup, then ask you for the coordinates of the area to backup. It will then copy all the map chunks into a new folder in the same directoy you run the map tools from. Which you can copy back into your map folder any time to restore the backup. Multiple backups can be made.

Option 4) Auto Backup Listener
Don't use this

Option 5) Fill map
Kind of like the bucket tool on mspaint. You can fill / save over an area of the map with a kind of tile. It will ask you for the type water, grass or forest tiles, then as you for the coordinates of the area to fill.

Option 6) Copy Area
This option will ask you the coordinates for an area to copy, then save those chunks to copy/ directory to be used with option 7) Paste Area

Option 7) Paste Area
After copying an area of chunks with option 6) use this option to the paste those chunks anywhere. This option ask for one coordinate to be the left side where it will start pasting the copied chunks

Option 8) Delete Chunks
This option will delete chunks in a spesified area which will refresh that area to the state it would be on a hard reset. All buildings will be restored and any items on the ground removed. This is the same as adding a lootspawn with option 2 and then refreshing it with option 1

Option 9) Backup Character
This option will backup your character file in a sub directory called CharacterSaveBackup/ in the currently set map directory

Option 10) Restore Character
This will take the character save you made with option 9) and restore it to the map directory which will save over the current character if it exists.

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