Project Zomboid Armor Mod


This Mod adds Certain clothing / armors that you can equip to gain defence against certain kinds of injuries on certain body parts.

The armor type items for now only spawn in zombie corpses.

Right click on a armor type item to equip it or to see what defences it can give you with "Examine Armor" option.

Obviously if you remove the armor from your inventory after Equiping it it will no longer give you defence.
As with shields they will be put in 2nd hand when equiped, removing them from 2nd hand will result it no longer gaining the defence from the shield.

When your equipped armor blocks damage for you, you will know by seing an exlimation mark above your head (!)
Though Blocking an injury will obviously result in you not taking the injury like a scratch, bite or burn, you may still lose HP / take damage

Armor has durability and will break after a certain number of blocks. And either dissapear or turn into a broken version of the item that cannot be equpped

Though equipping yourself with armor from head to to will significantly reduce your chance of injury, It will add a lot of weight so be careful.

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